How to Make Decorated Textured Fall Cookies with Video Tutorial

Don't miss the video tutorials for all of these cookies at the end of the post!!!

Beautiful fall chocolate decorated sugar cookies -- apples, pumpkins, leaves, bark texture

Starting new things is hard. Even just knowing WHERE TO START a new thing can be hard. Cookie decorating is no different.

I kind of LOVE decorating sugar cookies. Like a lot. And I know that if I could come over to every person's house and get them all set up for decorating a set of cookies... decorated cookies could take over the world. Decorating is so fun and exciting while simultaneously also being calming and therapeutic. Also. SUGAR. It's really got something for everyone.

Brightly colored fall decorated chocolate sugar cookies - apples, pumpkins, leaves, bark texture

As it turns out, I don't even know where you live. And... it's quite possible that you want to keep it that way. I'm cool with that. It doesn't even hurt my feelings. But I still want to help you fall in love with decorating sugar cookies!

I really do wish I could come walk each of you through your first set of cookies. It's SO much easier to learn things in person. But since I actually only exist in one place at any given time, and it's USUALLY in my own kitchen helping my kids try to eventually get their homework done at some point in the day... I figured the next best thing would be VIDEOS of all these cookies!!!


Grab the cutters here: Leaf Cutter, Apple Cutter, and Pumpkin Cutter


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