Fall Cookie Decorating Kit and Video Tutorials

Don't miss the video tutorials for all of these cookies at the end of the post!!!

Beautiful fall chocolate decorated sugar cookies -- apples, pumpkins, leaves, bark texture

Starting new things is hard. Even just knowing WHERE TO START a new thing can be hard. Cookie decorating is no different.

I kind of LOVE decorating sugar cookies. Like a lot. And I know that if I could come over to every person's house and get them all set up for decorating a set of cookies... decorated cookies could take over the world. Decorating is so fun and exciting while simultaneously also being calming and therapeutic. Also. SUGAR. It's really got something for everyone.

As it turns out, I don't even know where you live. And... it's quite possible that you want to keep it that way. I'm cool with that. It doesn't even hurt my feelings. But I still want to help you fall in love with decorating sugar cookies!

So when Global Belly approached me about creating a cookie decorating kit that has everything you need to make these fun fall cookies- I was ALL IN.

Painted fall leaf decorated chocolate sugar cookie

If you've ever thought about trying your hand at decorating cookies but don't know where to start -- this kit is for you.

If you'd love to make delicious cookies that will also impress all your friends and family, but don't even understand what meringue powder actually is...much less WHERE IN THE WORLD you would go to purchase this weirdness -- this kit is for you.

If you know someone who is even a little bit creative and also likes sugar and you love them enough to buy them a gift -- this kit is for you.

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and are desperately trying to find the perfect pre-dinner activity to keep the little-ish ones busy before the feast -- this kit is for them! (Bake the cookies beforehand and let them get to work!)

If you like eating chocolate cookie dough straight from the bowl regardless of the mortal peril you are certainly inflicting upon yourself and have absolutely no intention of ever baking or decorating cookies -- well... this kit is for you too. (But you might be better off just buying the chocolate cookie mix on its own!)

Fall cookie decorating kit - LilaLoa

Each fall cookie decorating kit includes:

1 LilaLoa Chocolate Cookie Mix
1 Royal Icing Mix
1 Chefmaster Super Red
1 Chefmaster Neon Brite Green
1 Chefmaster Golden Yellow
1 Chefmaster Black Diamond
1 Leaf Cookie Cutter
1 Apple Cookie Cutter
1 Pumpkin Cookie Cutter
4 Piping Bags
4 size-4 Piping Tips
4 Couplers
4 Bag Ties
1 Paintbrush
2-in-1 tool
Cookie and Icing Mixing Instructions
Decorating Instructions

You will need to purchase butter and eggs separately.

Brightly colored fall decorated chocolate sugar cookies - apples, pumpkins, leaves, bark texture

And I'm hoping you already have: 

A bowl and spoon to mix the dough and icing. (A stand mixer is even better!)
Parchment paper (to line the baking sheet, but you can spray with non-stick spray too.)
A rolling pin of some kind
Cookie baking sheets
5 small bowls
A butter knife 
A small plate - it can be a glass plate or even a disposable plastic plate!
A small bowl or cup of water
Paper towels

step-by-step fall cookie decorating instructions

The kits come with full color, step-by-step instructions for: 

- making and baking the chocolate sugar cookies
- mixing
- achieving the right consistency of icing
-  recreating the right icing colors with specific color formulas (using my favorite food coloring! Yeay!)
- a fall apple cookie
- a fall pumpkin cookie
- a painted fall leaf cookie
- a bark textured leaf cookies

Basically... it's just a ton of stuff!! And in clear late night, early morning infomercial form --


or maybe


(I think I've got a real shot at the 3am slot.)

I really do wish I could come walk each of you through your first set of cookies. It's SO much easier to learn things in person. But since I actually only exist in one place at any given time, and it's USUALLY in my own kitchen helping my kids try to eventually get their homework done at some point in the day... I figured the next best thing would be VIDEOS of all these cookies!!!

(And if I'm being completely, horribly, bare-truth honest... A LOT of you already have everything you need in your own homes to make these cookies. So, if you do - DON'T BUY THE KIT. Just use these tutorials to make fantastic cookies with what you already have!!)

Keep scrolling past the videos to enter to win one of these kits!!!


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