How to Make Dimensional Scribble Style Rose Cookies -- with Sweet Kissed Confections

Sometimes (always) at the end of the day, I just want to lay down on the couch and look at pictures of beautiful cookies and pretend that feeding my kids popcorn for dinner is totally a legit parenting decision. And sometimes I find a picture of gorgeous cookies that makes me completely forget all of my parenting decisions -- good and bad.

How to Make Decorated Diploma Cookies

Can we just talk about play-dough for a minute? I just need a little help understanding how in the world this...this... playtime plague came into the world.

How to Make Decorated Floral Pattern Cookies

You guys. I think I need an intervention. My plant habit is out of control. I'm like a child waiting for the tooth fairy. Every morning I run outside to see if my seeds have come up or if my plants have any new leaves...and just like that poor, sad, nameless child...nothing seems to have happened in my sleep. (I mean...hypothetically, right? The tooth fairy would NEVER EVER forget to come and replace that piece of oral debris with shiny, magical treasure of love and excitement. Never.....ever.....ever.)

How to Make Decorated Confetti Ribbon Cookies

Oh my goodness. It's like winter JUST won't go away this year. I mean...I like the guy and all, but sometimes he's just a little too clingy, you know? Like, maybe take some time to find yourself and get a hobby. YOU'LL be happier, I'LL be happier. And when we finally come back together say NOVEMBER...our relationship will be all the more stronger for the time away. But this insecurity, this weird need to remind me over and over again that you still exist? I'm over it. Take your snow and go.