How to Make Decorated Floral Pattern Cookies

Floral print decorated sugar cookie tutorial

You guys. I think I need an intervention. My plant habit is out of control. I'm like a child waiting for the tooth fairy. Every morning I run outside to see if my seeds have come up or if my plants have any new leaves...and just like that poor, sad, nameless child...nothing seems to have happened in my sleep. (I mean...hypothetically, right? The tooth fairy would NEVER EVER forget to come and replace that piece of oral debris with shiny, magical treasure of love and excitement. Never.....ever.....ever.)

I go through a phase every single year when it starts to get warm. I just can't spend enough time outside trying to make things grow. And I'm really quite awful at it. I've probably killed at least half the plants I've purchased. Don't tell my husband. If he doesn't notice that a plant has died, I just go back to the store and buy another one and hope that the second (or third) one has a brighter future than it's predecessor.

It's like I'm not even in control of my own actions anymore. I find myself driving closer and closer to Home Depot and then suddenly there I am -- pushing a cart full of greenery through the store while my girls attempt to lure me away from the newly supplied herb rack with their pleas for "popcorn" and "attention". I very nearly walked away with a TREE this morning. A TREE. They were just standing there all tall and majestic and...lonely. They were BEGGING me to take them home. And I just walked away. I've been thinking about them all day. And honestly, I'm not entirely sure how the remainder of this day is going to play out.

Mother's Day decorated cookies

So I suppose it's no surprise that I finally caved in and made some floral print cookies. The best part is that the floral print is ALL wet-on-wet so it's quick and easy! Want to see how I made them?

See it in action here. 


Grab the cutters -- Banner Heart, Rose, Flower Spray, Basic Flower (it's actually the Sugarbelle  snowflake cutter!), and Plaque

Get a template for the BANNER HEART COOKIE here. 

And get the template for the ROSE COOKIES here.

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