Puzzle Challenge Round Up and a Winner

Remember the PUZZLE CHALLENGE from a whole lifetime ago? There were some truly amazing entries and it's been eating at my remaining brain cells that I haven't shared them with you yet. But today is the day!! (Well, night really, if we're being completely honest here.) Let's start with some of my absolute favorites!! You guys. This is for real. A 3D cookie puzzle!!!! I have studied this picture and studied this picture and I still can't figure out how Laura from The Anxious Baker did this!! SO SO unbelievable!!!!!! Every single one of these incredible cookies from Lucy at Honeycat Cookies could stand on it's own...but all together with those perfectly wavy puzzle lines....I'm in LOVE!!! And this puzzle from Sarah Robertson is EXACTLY what I imagine when I think of puzzle cookies!!! Such fun lines and great piping!!! And this gorgeous set from Kari at Yankee Girl Yummies has me absolutely entranced! I keep waiting for the horses to st

Quick Daisy Pattern Easter Cookies

Have you ever tried sweeping a house with a crawling baby? I actually think that brooms are like dog whistles... but for small children. The very act of picking up the broom signals them from all reaches of the house. Like the Pied Piper, it beckons them without their knowledge. They come to the kitchen in droves...suddenly needing drinks and snacks and maybe a story or two. The broom is especially strong when calling to children that aren't walking yet. It creates a powerful,  undeniable urge to crawl after the broom, to reach it's very bristles and then to finally sit in the pile of crumbs and sift through them to find appropriate nourishment in the form of crayons or bits of cereal. I'd give up on sweeping if I could. I tried once. And I made it exactly 2 days. That might not seem like a lot, but if you have small children at your home, you know that 2 days is long enough to start wondering what the color of your floor really is and to collect enough Legos to bui