How to Make Decorated Emoji Graduation Sugar Cookies

Do you ever look back at your past self and wonder what they would think about your present self?

How to Make Decorated Boy Graduation Cookies

Do any of you happen to have a friend somewhere high up in the fashion industry? Like....I don't know Giorgio or Donatella? I have a wee bit of a request. Just a little favor between friends and all. Not a big deal. I was just wondering if it would be possible to make "bubble pants" a thing.

How to Make Decorated Girl Graduation Cookies

Let me just tell you a little story about a very special Easter Egg Hunt. Our story begins a long time ago in an age called "March." You may have heard of it. It was a very cold time when people bundled up before checking the mail and some despaired of ever seeing the sun again. There lived a mother who desperately tried to be patient on a daily basis, but more often failed than succeeded. She had four young children and no fairy godmother. Or fairy aunt. All she had were fairy Cadbury eggs.

How to Make an Easter Truck Decorated Cookie

I think I have Momnesia. Every year I tell my children that we will never ever EVER dye Easter eggs again. Ever. Not even for a bajillion dollars...which I'm pretty sure they don't have anyway. (And even if they did -- what kind of mother takes money from her children just so they can spend time together making horrific holiday memories?) If we're being perfectly honest...sometimes I kind of yell it towards them as I run to my closet to hide while sobbing into the remaining Cadbury eggs I have hidden in there for emergencies. And then when Spring comes around again the next year, it's like that whole Easter Egg-Wild West Rodeo-THING never happened.

How To Make A Watercolor Nest Decorated Cookie

I'm a little worried that I'm becoming a ninja without even trying. I mean...what if I accidentally ate something that turned radioactive because of all the laundry I've been doing and now every time I sleep it's turning my "regular awesome mom" DNA into "crazy awesome ninja" DNA? Do I need to apply for some kind of Ninja Permit? I'm a little new to all of this.