How to Make Decorated Emoji Graduation Sugar Cookies

Emoji Graduate cookies -- cookie decorating tutorial

Do you ever look back at your past self and wonder what they would think about your present self?

My teenage sailing instructor self would wonder what in the world you do with more than two pairs of shoes. Back then, I owned sandals and running shoes. And now...well... now I own slightly more than two pairs of shoes. And by "slightly" I mean roughly a lot more than I am prepared to admit to. Seriously though, I don't even know how I became a person that couldn't live without the CUTEST YELLOW FLATS EVER!!! But they really are. And I totally wore them to CookieCon. So...shoe purchase justified.

My river guiding self would be super proud of the fact that I live in an actual house with doors that open and close and electricity and everything- instead of a tent down by the river. Not that I minded the tent down by the river at that age...but throwing rocks at raccoons in the middle of the night gets old. At one point, I actually tied a piece of rope to a rock so I could just keep throwing the same one over and over again. I'm a problem-solver like that.

Even my early cookie decorating self would be surprised at my life right now. Back when I started decorating, I never would have considered making videos like Sweet Ambs. Or writing a book like Bridget. Or making a set of cookies without my husband wondering if he would ever see the dining table again. I lived in South Korea and couldn't imagine even meeting another living person on the planet that decorated cookies. And I certainly would never have imagined that Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle would be my REAL-LIVE-HONEST-TO-GOODNESS-FRIEND. Or that we would have our babies on the same day because we're basically the same person and if one of us makes a turkey know the other did too.

I was talking to Callye while editing the photos for my boy graduate tutorial. And if you don't know, she's basically an emoji savant. Everything I know about emojis, I've learned from her. She's at Emoji Mastery Level: Hieroglyphics. I'm at Emoji Mastery Level: Stickperson That Also Vaguely Resembles A Garden Hose. Soo...hopefully I'm not saying something offensive with my emojis. Because what I really want to say is -- Let's make a graduation party out of cookies!! Want to join me?

I totally got all excited about making these cookies and completely forgot to take a picture of the different steps before I made the all you get is a video today. Hope you don't mind.

Emoji Graduate Decorated Cookies -- cookie decorating tutorial
 Could there BE a more appropriate graduation cookie design for this generation??!!


Get the tutorial for GIRL GRADUATES or BOY GRADUATES.


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