How to Make Decorated Boy Graduation Cookies

How to make graduation cookies

Do any of you happen to have a friend somewhere high up in the fashion industry? Like....I don't know Giorgio or Donatella? I have a wee bit of a request. Just a little favor between friends and all. Not a big deal. I was just wondering if it would be possible to make "bubble pants" a thing.

Like...pants made of bubble wrap. Or inflatable pants. I'm okay with either option. I just need them to be running friendly. Why are you looking at me like that? I am not kidding around here. See, I'm running a half marathon in a few weeks. And I'm calling "Emperor's New Clothes" on the current trend of skin-tight leggings. I hate to break it to you...but everyone can see...pretty much EVERYTHING when you are wearing those "clothes." What happened to track suits or sweat pants?! 

How to make boy graduation cookies

I'm currently sporting the very trendy running-shorts-over-the-leggings look straight from the 80's. But really, without the tied shirt tail and the neon headbands... what's the point? Except that it's still really cold outside in the mornings when I run and my only other option would be to wear a fanny pack over my pants to cover my rear and fill it with chemical hand warmers and candy. Because...I LIKE candy. That's why. And you can totally justify eating candy when you're running.

I actually fell for the whole, "less is more" thing with running pants at first. I saw those super fit looking pants at the store and I was absolutely certain that I would instantly be fitter and faster if only I owned them. As it turns out -- totally doesn't work. Also, buying pants 3 sizes too small does NOT make you thinner either. Gah! It's like advertising only tells me what I want to hear!

So in summary -- I like candy. Bubble pants. And new cutters from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters! This one is the male graduate cutter. Want to make some?

How to make boy graduation cookies

1. Use a medium consistency black icing to pipe the top of the grad cap and the shoulders of the gown. Add a face with medium consistency skin colored icing. Don't forget the ears. (I always forget the ears.) Let it all dry for an hour.

2. Add a neck with the skin colored icing. Pipe the bottom of the grad cap with the black icing. Let it all dry for another hour.

3. With a medium consistency yellow icing, add hair. don't HAVE to let this step dry. But I always end up bumping the wet icing while adding details. So...risk it if you want or let it dry for 30 minutes.

4. Pipe two tiny black dots for the eyes. Add even tinier white dots on the top right of the eyes. Pipe a little nose using the skin colored icing. Use a black food color marker to add eyebrows and a mouth. Add cheeks with a pink food color marker or watered down pink food coloring. Pipe an academic collar with a contrasting color of icing.

See it in action here.

 Here's the template image if you want to use it with a projector. 

Graduation cookie decorating tutorial -- with video!


Grab the cutters -- Girl Graduate, Male Graduate, Confetti Ribbon, Diploma, Bow, Balloon (rattle) and Plaque. (Use code BAKE25 to save 25% on orders over $18!!) I used THIS black food color marker and THIS pink food color marker.

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