How to Make Decorated Girl Graduation Cookies

Girl graduation sugar cookies -- a cookie decorating tutorial

Let me just tell you a little story about a very special Easter Egg Hunt. Our story begins a long time ago in an age called "March." You may have heard of it. It was a very cold time when people bundled up before checking the mail and some despaired of ever seeing the sun again. There lived a mother who desperately tried to be patient on a daily basis, but more often failed than succeeded. She had four young children and no fairy godmother. Or fairy aunt. All she had were fairy Cadbury eggs.

And those weren't even real fairies. They were just delicious chocolates of goodness. This mother bought 6 bags of Cadbury chocolate eggs because she loved her children and wanted to prepare for them the very best possible Easter Egg Hunt that ever was prepared. And she knew full well that she was going to eat at least 3 of those bags just to make it through the dark ages of March. And she didn't regret the consumption of a single egg. Because she likes chocolate. And it made her happy. And it made her not want to cry herself to sleep at 2 in the afternoon after the Little P had drawn all over the couch with a brand new black sharpie and Miss A had left a trail of milk and soggy cereal all the way down the hallway in an attempt to find her mother to ask her for a spoon that was CLEARLY already on the table. Chocolate was her friend.

But sometimes, friendships can become toxic. And sometimes one friend needs more love and attention than the other friend can give. And the chocolate just didn't know when to stop calling this mother. It called her in the morning and at night and just when the mother was about to sit down with a very healthy, very NON-chocolate salad...those Cadbury eggs would start pounding on the door demanding to "define the relationship"...wondering what they had done to deserve this kind of abandonment. The poor mother did her best, but as sometimes happens, the time came to end the toxic relationship and she very sadly had to give the remaining 3 bags of chocolate eggs to someone that could better meet the needs of those poor little drama queens.

And by that, I mean that she gave them to the father and practically begged him to hide them from her so she wouldn't hear their cries. After all, she was a very empathetic woman and she couldn't possibly ignore such pitiful pleas for attention.

The loss of the chocolate left a hole in the mother's life that she learned to fill with sadness and frustration productive daily tasks. As time marched on, the sun returned to the land. Birds sang in the trees and Easter arrived. The mother procured the Easter baskets and the carefully color coordinated plastic Easter eggs. The children waited not-so-patiently for the time to arrive when the eggs would be hidden for them to discover. The mother repeatedly asked the father  to grab the chocolate eggs from their home in the abyss until the father finally admitted -- he had NO EARTHLY IDEA WHERE HE HAD HIDDEN THEM.

Girl graduation sugar cookies -- a cookie decorating tutorial

Without a second thought, the mother filled the brightly colored eggs with marshmallows and chocolate chips before hiding them in the warm backyard. The children couldn't have been happier to discover their eggs were filled with their favorite treats. And the mother couldn't have been happier to realize that at some point...those eggs will be found and she will no longer be under any obligation to save them for her children. Best. Day. Ever.

You know what else is a great day? MAIL DAY!!! I designed some more cutters with Ann Clark for graduation and I am in love with them!!! First up -- female graduate cookies!! Want to make some?

Girl graduate cookie decorating tutorial

1. Use skin color icing to outline and fill the face area of the cookie. Don't worry too much about perfection because you can fix mistakes when you add the hair. Pipe the top of the grad cap and the shoulders of the robe. Try to keep the points of the grad cap and the "V" of the collar lined up. Let dry for an hour.

2. Put a #2 tip on the black and add the base. Again...make sure all the points line up. Add a neck with the skin colored icing. Use less icing than you think you need so the neck doesn't get all bulgy and weird. Let it dry for another 30 minutes.

3. Fill in the hair area of the cookie with a medium consistency icing. See how I kind of did what I wanted with all the hair around the face? You can do that too. It's your cookie. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes.

4. Pipe two little dots of black icing for the eyes. Add an even tinier dot of white to the top right of each eye. Pipe a little dot of skin colored icing for the nose. Use a food color marker to make the eyebrows and mouth. Pipe a collar on the robe with medium consistency icing and a #2 tip. Add the hair details with the same brown icing and a #2 tip.

See it in action here.

If you want to use a projector, you can put this image in there to help you get things lined up right. But please don't judge her weird sharpie-eyes.

And in case you are wondering what ELSE is in store for you --- I also designed the male graduate cutter and the confetti ribbon cutter too!! And they are all in stock today!! (Links below!)


Grab the cutters -- Girl Graduate, Male Graduate, Confetti Ribbon, Diploma, Bow, Balloon (rattle) and Plaque. (Use code BAKE25 to save 25% on orders over $18!!) I used THIS black food color marker and THIS pink food color marker.


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