How to make Patriotic Icing Colors

Have you ever noticed how things sort of slide sideways in your brain as you approach the early morning hours? Like noises. That one dead branch in your tree suddenly sounds a lot like a gang of menacing thieves sneaking up to your back door. And you *know* they aren't coming after your perfectly matched sock-and-sandle sets. They've probably been watching you for days. And they're going to wait until you stop decorating and go to the bathroom. Then they'll break in and steal your good stuff and draw all over your walls with sharpies. So you decide that you'll show them. You won't take that bathroom break. They'll just have to wait and wait until their legs cramp up and they have to walk it off. Then you can run outside brandishing the alarm button on your car keys as they run off into the neighbor's yard where that noisier-than-it-is-big dog will keep them cornered until the authorities can arrive. And you'll probably get a medal because the poli

Sand Pail Cookies - Cookie and Cards

Not every choice I make is a good one. Joining my friends in their half mile swim to the floating island in the middle of the lake before I had actually learned how to swim...NOT a good idea. Painting my bedroom while my husband was gone for the weekend... BRILLIANT choice. Deciding that I would *never* let the mail sit on the counter for even a day... life changing decision. But choosing to remodel my house at the same time that my baby was due? The jury is still out. They literally started tearing down walls 2 days before Penelope was born. And they are almost finished! New walls are up, some stairs are missing and we will soon have actual bedrooms in the basement instead of weird medical billing offices. The drywall people were here yesterday. My children literally pulled up chairs and grabbed popcorn. See, the drywall guys used STILTS to take care of the ceiling patches!! It was the greatest day ever!! And I've decided that I need some of them. And I'm going to learn

Quick Tip -- How to Make Left Over Icing Work For You

I'm not a hoarder by any means. When an item runs out of foreseeable use, I put it in this special place I call "the trash." Or in a designer (cardboard) box destined for exotic places like Goodwill. I've moved over 20 times in my life. And every time I move I become less and less attached to the things I have to wrap, package, carry, load, unload, unpack, and wash. I cannot say the same for icing. I am drawn to it. I love it and the endless possibility it holds. I love it for the color that it is and the color it could become. I adore the way it moves in a bowl and erases its own lines and wrinkles. (Seriously, who *wouldn't* love that??!!) I love the smell of it and the shiny gloss on the surface. I can't let it go. There was a point where I worried that it was ruining my marriage because I was getting rid of food instead of icing to make room in the fridge. Luckily, I discovered even smaller bowls to store it in. The problem.... besides throwing out per