How to make Patriotic Icing Colors

Have you ever noticed how things sort of slide sideways in your brain as you approach the early morning hours? Like noises. That one dead branch in your tree suddenly sounds a lot like a gang of menacing thieves sneaking up to your back door. And you *know* they aren't coming after your perfectly matched sock-and-sandle sets. They've probably been watching you for days. And they're going to wait until you stop decorating and go to the bathroom. Then they'll break in and steal your good stuff and draw all over your walls with sharpies. So you decide that you'll show them. You won't take that bathroom break. They'll just have to wait and wait until their legs cramp up and they have to walk it off. Then you can run outside brandishing the alarm button on your car keys as they run off into the neighbor's yard where that noisier-than-it-is-big dog will keep them cornered until the authorities can arrive. And you'll probably get a medal because the police have been looking for that particular gang of menacing thieves for quite a while now.

Except that you actually really do need to go to the bathroom. It's not your fault. You've been drinking water all night in an effort to be healthier and look 10 years younger even though you are still pretty sure that the whole thing was just a change of lighting. So now you've got thieves at the door, you need to take a break, and your red icing somehow looks both pink and orange at the same time. What do you do? I'll tell you what I would do. I would say really loudly, "I can't wait to finish these cookies. Hopefully I can earn enough money to buy a second t-shirt and sleep in a real bed someday." And then I'd run to the bathroom while turning on every stinking light in my entire house on the way there. And then I'd use my trusty color formulas to get exactly the red I wanted. Or cry myself to sleep. Either way.


Get Americolor regular colors or electric colors.

Torch of Liberty Tutorial

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