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Sand Pail Cookie Tutorial

Not every choice I make is a good one. Joining my friends in their half mile swim to the floating island in the middle of the lake before I had actually learned how to swim...NOT a good idea. Painting my bedroom while my husband was gone for the weekend... BRILLIANT choice. Deciding that I would *never* let the mail sit on the counter for even a day... life changing decision. But choosing to remodel my house at the same time that my baby was due? The jury is still out.

They literally started tearing down walls 2 days before Penelope was born. And they are almost finished! New walls are up, some stairs are missing and we will soon have actual bedrooms in the basement instead of weird medical billing offices. The drywall people were here yesterday. My children literally pulled up chairs and grabbed popcorn. See, the drywall guys used STILTS to take care of the ceiling patches!! It was the greatest day ever!! And I've decided that I need some of them. And I'm going to learn how to run in them. And then when my kids are at their friend's house and they forget to come home, I'm going to put the stilts on and then run down the street to get them. I can't wait!

Sand pail cookie tutorial

Also, you should make these cookies. They are quick and easy and fun. And perfect for summer. And even though it snowed just a few miles from my house yesterday, it really is summer in the Northern Hemisphere. So it's kind of your duty to make these.

Especially since I snagged the design off one of my cousin's cards again. Although, technically, this one is a poster instead of a card....he basic idea is the same. Pam makes some fabulous paper creation, posts it on her blog at Simply Pam's Creations, and then I appropriate it into cookie form. It's my favorite day of the month.

How to make sand pail cookies

And luckily these sand pails are made with arguably the most versatile cutter in the world -- Wilton's ice cream cone cutter.
1. With 15-20 second icing, pipe a thick band across the middle of the cookie. Let dry for 30 minutes.
2. Outline and fill the bottom of the bucket with yellow icing and the sand part on top with tan icing. Let it dry for an hour or longer if you completely forget that you were making cookies in the first place.
3. Add a puffy mound of sand on top with 15-20 second tan icing. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes.
4. Then add a couple more sand mounds on either side.
5. Pipe the hilt and handle of the shovel with thicker red icing and a #1.5 tip. I used a #2 tip and I kind of regret it. Give the pail a handle with the 15-20 second blue icing and a #2 tip.

summer beach cookies

If you wanted to... you could totally go check out my cousin's blog and see which cookie of mine she made into a card. Click HERE to satisfy your curiosity.


If you don't already have the Wilton Ice Cream cutters... you should get them. You can use them for SO many designs!

More SUMMER cookies HERE.

And some tropical luau cookies HERE.

Need some help making tan icing? Sugarbelle has got you covered.

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