Sweet Sugarbelle Halloween Cookie Cutter and Candy Cookie Template

There are about a bajillion reasons why I love making Halloween cookies. But here are my top 3 -- 1. You get to use fun bright colors. 2. You can add candy to literally ANY set and it totally works. And I love candy. 3. If you mess up -- no you didn't. Add eyeballs and it's now a monster.

Royal Icing Recipe With Meringue Powder

Simple recipe for creamy royal icing using meringue powder! When I first started making decorated cookies, I was just as reckless as I am right now. I "researched" for a few days and then declared myself an expert and went to work. The thing is though...that was a a veritable lifetime ago. You guys. That was BEFORE PINTEREST. And "researching" was actually researching. Like... at a LIBRARY. I found exactly ONE recipe for royal icing. And it used egg whites separated from actual eggs. And I ran with that.