Sweet Sugarbelle Halloween Cookie Cutter and Candy Cookie Template

There are about a bajillion reasons why I love making Halloween cookies. But here are my top 3 --

1. You get to use fun bright colors.
2. You can add candy to literally ANY set and it totally works. And I love candy.
3. If you mess up -- no you didn't. Add eyeballs and it's now a monster.

And my favorite Halloween cutters from Sweet Sugarbelle are all of these things! I love them so much!!

But real quick... I have a little story to tell you.

Because I want to. That's why.

If you saw my hand cutting post a few weeks ago, you may have seen a very similar candy image that I was hand cutting. I got wrapped around the idea of the edges of the wrapper looking a certain way. So I went all crazy and hand cut. And then I pulled these Sweet Sugarbelle Halloween cutters out last week, I realized it was almost EXACTLY the shape that I had been hand cutting. So on the off chance that you also have this candy image in your head and just needed one for your KopyKake or Pico to get the details just right...here you go.

 Grab a set for yourself or a friend from AMAZON.


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