How To Make Black Cookies That Won't Turn Mouths Purple

Use these tips to make black cookies for Halloween with less food coloring. 

I. LOVE. COLORS. All colors. Dark colors. Bright colors. Patterned colors and textured colors. We're like the Teen Girl Squad -- wildly misunderstood but inexplicably connected. Even the pastels...and everyone knows those are *barely* colors. And I absolutely love the way that black makes colors pop. What I don't love so much though... is the way that black food coloring lingers on fingers and mouths long after the cookie has been eaten.

As we enter the season of "Cookies That Are Black Because - Halloween"... I've got a few options to help you create scary cookies -- not scary dental issues.

1. If you HAVE to use black icing -- try mixing a little cocoa powder into the icing before adding the black food color. It deepens the icing color, requiring a whole lot less black food coloring. Get more details HERE.
2. Color your COOKIE black -- not the icing. You can give the whole cookie a light spray with an airbrush gun, a can of Color Mist, or even drop some black food coloring in a little bit of water and paint it on.
3. Go absolutely crazy and intentionally use GRAY icing instead of black icing. People will just assume you're being trendy.
4. Bake chocolate cookies using a dark cocoa powder. These cookies have ZERO food coloring in them.

And in case you want it... here's the template for the Unicorn Skeleton Face cookies. Because they seriously could NOT be easier to make!!


Grab the cutters: Unicorn Face, Unicorn Body, Ghost with arms, and the Ghost without arms. (As if a ghost could get weirder... I made one without arms.)


Need a little more color? Make these brightly colored SPIDER AND SPIDERWEB COOKIES or try these BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN COOKIES!!

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