How to Make Decorated Halloween Spider and Spiderweb Cookies

Learn how to make decorated Halloween sugar cookies that look like spiders on spiderwebs!

How to make decorated sugar cookies that look like spiders and spiderwebs for Halloween -- tutorial

How do you even feed your children dinner on a daily basis???!!! I'm not talking about the procuring and the cooking of said meal. What I want to know is how you convince your children to look at a plate of food and think to themselves,

"Self - you will simply cease to exist if you don't get some of this inside you. And since this sustenance looks vaguely (EXACTLY) like the meal prepared by our parental figure just 4 days ago that we loved and ate every last morsel of, we may as well start ingesting this now instead of pretending that we are adrift at sea, surrounded by sharks that are trying to eat us while we cling precariously to our chair/life boat. And probably, we should also NOT start screaming for 27 minutes straight about how annoying our parental figure is because she won't stop preparing nutritious meals for our daily consumption."

I mean... is there some kind of 12 step program that doesn't involve shipping them off for a month or a home invasion by a reality TV show? Maybe a magic wand? I'm not above bribery, but usually I use treats. And somehow I think that kind of defeats the purpose...even if those treats are super fun spider cookies. Am I doomed? Is there hope?

How to make decorated sugar cookies that look like spiders and spiderwebs for Halloween -- tutorial

How to make decorated Halloween spider and spiderweb sugar cookies.

Step 1. 

Flood a cookie with some super fun Halloween-ish colored icing. Let it dry overnight.

Step 2. 

 Use a stencil to airbrush a spiderweb on top of the cookie. (Alternatively, you can use this wet-on-wet spiderweb technique instead of steps 1 and 2.)

Step 3. 

 Use a contrasting color to pipe the body of the spider. Leaves spaces for they eyeballs. Let it dry for 30 minutes.

Step 4.

Pipe 2 white dots for eyes and immediately pipe two smaller black dots on top. Try to keep them from touching...but don't worry about it if they start to blend together like some long-lost happy couple. It's a purple spider. We're clearly not worried about realistic details here. Make sure the eyes are dry before moving to the next step.

Step 5.

With medium consistency icing and a #2 tip, pipe 8 legs in an icing color of your choice. Immediately cover with a sanding sugar that is a similar color. (It doesn't have to be the exact same color because the icing color will  still show through.) Shake off the excess sanding sugar. Use a black food color maker to add a shy little smile on our spider guy. And then eat him before things get creepy. But definitely after you've had a well-balanced meal. I will not be responsible for your health taking a downhill turn.

See it in action here.


I used the sunflower cutter from the Sugarbelle Harvest cutter set that is available only at Michael's stores. You could also use THIS web cutter. Get the SPIDERWEB STENCIL and the STENCIL GENIE.

Want something a little more creepy? Check out THESE SPIDER COOKIES. I'd post a picture...but I can't stand to even look at them. 

These BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN cookies would be a perfect compliment to these little guys! 

How to make decorated sugar cookies that look like spiders and spiderwebs for Halloween -- tutorial


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