How To Make Decorated Melting Eyeball Cookies

How to make decorated sugar cookies that look like melting eyeballs for Halloween.

Is there a word for an anti-talent? Because I have one of those. It involves returning library books before they've been gone so long that they've very nearly assimilated into the wild and can no longer associate with the other library books for fear that they will band together and stage a coup while the poor librarians backs are turned helping an unsuspecting patron find that very special book on knitting wool overalls. Seriously. I don't want to live in a world where *I'm* the one responsible for the lack of wool overalls. I can't handle that kind of pressure.

And not to be indelicate...but thank goodness Blockbuster is no longer around. Returning rental videos was like library books on steroids. Which, as you can imagine, would also NOT be good for the woolen overall population of this country.

The library isn't even that far away. I drive past it on a near daily basis. And there is a conveyor belt return that requires me to move my arm a total of 7 inches from my car to the building to return each book. It couldn't be easier...unless...

You know what I need? A library chute. Instead of a laundry chute because we all know THAT would not get used at my house. I wonder if I could have one installed. Like the pneumatic tubes at the bank. And then they could just send me my books that way as well. I'm really good at tossing things in chutes. It's almost what you would call... a special talent of mine. Throwing things in chutes and making creepy Halloween cookies. It's kind of what I do.

How to make decorated sugar cookies that look like melting eyeballs for Halloween.

1. I used the Sugarbelle nested flower cutter. After cutting out the intended shape, I rotated it back and used it to cut off the bottom edges of the shape. Bake like you normally would.
2. Use a circle cutter and a food color marker to trace a on the cookie. You know, in case you are incapable of piping a perfect circle with absolutely no reference point like me.
3. Outline and fill that circle with medium consistency white icing and a #3 tip. Immediately pipe a small oval of green icing and then an even smaller oval of black icing. Add a tiny drop of white icin where the black and green colors meet. Allow to dry for 2-4 hours.
4. Grab some medium consistency purple icing and outline and fill the puddle area of the cookie. (This cookie just keeps getting more creepy.) Add a couple of white shine lines and call it a day.
OR... you can use a red food color marker to add some blood-shot veins to the eyeball. Your call.

How to make decorated sugar cookies that look like melting eyeballs for Halloween.

If you don't have the Sugarbelle nested flower cutter (2) you could also use a sand dollar cutter (1) or a paw print cutter (3) with similar results.

See it in action here.



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