How to Make Decorated Diploma Cookies

Decorated graduation cookies -- tutorial for a diploma

Can we just talk about play-dough for a minute? I just need a little help understanding how in the world this...this...playtime plague came into the world.

I'm imagining a board room somewhere in an office building of an incredibly successful children's toy making company. They have a panel of experts made up of a mom, a dad, a grandparent and some business executives... and one-by-one new inventors and creators are filing in, only to have their hopes dashed by these so-called experts that don't approve of things like, "broken glass" and "sharp knives" or "lead poisoning."

It's late afternoon, the mom is already worrying that they are not going to finish in time to pick her kids up from school. The dad fell asleep half an hour ago. The grandparent is trying to get the business executive to explain to him one more time what the point of a fidget spinner is... and in walks a veritable gremlin. He shows them his masterpiece. He extols its virtues in song form even... and in less than a second, the mother expert has already decided that she doesn't want to spend the next eleventy years of her life trying to coax dried up play-dough out of her carpet with a comb and a kitchen knife. The dad knows that the kids are just going to crumble the play-dough and leave it out while they run to their bedroom for something that vaguely resembles a flag to complete their re-creation of a moon landing - only to forget about it for at least 15 minutes, at which point it will be rendered completely useless. In effect, he sees play-dough for what it really is -- a one-time use, disposable mess. The grandparent can't even get close enough to try it out because the overpowering smell is basically a mix of rubber and death. And the business executive says "We'll take a million." 

Decorated graduation cookies -- diploma tutorial

Today was our yearly play-dough day. PLEASE SEND HELP. Or cookies. Honestly, I'd take either one at this point. In fact... feel free to make these diploma cookies. You know...because diplomas as comfort food make as much sense as giving children play-dough.

Graduation decorated cookies -- easy diploma with a bow tutorial

1. Outline and fill the diploma area of the cookie with a medium consistency white icing. Go ahead and fill in the bump area at the top as well. Let it dry for at least 6 hours.
2. Grab a food color marker and draw a quick swirl at the right end of the diploma. I find it easiest to start from the little jutty-outy area at the top and bring the swirl down.
3. Use a medium consistency green icing and a #1.5 tip to pipe both sides of the bow. Let the icing dry for 15 minutes.
4. Add a dot of icing in between the sides of the bow to create the knot. Let dry for another 15 minutes.
5. Add ribbon tails with the same green icing.
6. Pipe a tiny swirl on top of the knot if you want to get all fancy. I love fancy. It's the opposite of play-dough crusted carpet.



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