How to Make Decorated Watercolor Rose Sugar Cookies

Valentine's Day watercolor rose cookies

My son went on a field trip downtown today. I also had some things to do downtown today. In a random turn of events, I found myself driving behind his school bus. So naturally, I did what any mother would have done and drove the exact same speed as the bus...creeping up window by window until I found my son and his friends. Definitely NOT in a stalker-y way. In a fun, totally trendy and cool mom kind of way. Because you know...I'm awesome like that. And I'm *sure* my 10 year old that weirdly started hiding under his seat felt the exact same way as me. I mean... he probably was reading some graffiti on the back of the seat in front of him and it probably went all the way down so he kind of needed to duck down and maybe hide his head a little bit so he could read it all. You know...because it was probably like particle physics or something and he just really wants to get a jump on that before college. I'm so proud of him.

It was one of the best moments of my entire mothering life. I was like - queen of the field trip. I'm pretty sure they talked about that bus ride for the rest of the day. I bet the only thing that would have made it better was if I had thrown cookies out my open window to their waiting hands.

Actually...I think that maybe throwing anything at a moving vehicle might be illegal.

Especially a school bus.

Full of children.

Decorated Valentine's Day watercolor sugar cookies -- roses, hearts, and gold stars

It's probably best that I didn't have any of these watercolor Valentine cookies with me. I might have gotten caught up in the excitement of being the most awesome mom ever.


That was a close one.

I'm actually starting to feel a little weird about this whole thing. What if we just skip to the part where we make super fun watercolor rose cookies?

Yeay!! We're at the super fun watercolor rose decorating part! Pictures just make this whole process seem more complicated than it is. Watch this video...and then practice on a piece of paper. BE RECKLESS. Promise me you'll at least try to let go and be a little crazy.

**I didn't mention in the video -- I use WATER with the food coloring...not alcohol. **

water color birthday cookies - narwhal cookies, rose cookies, balloon cookies, confetti cookies, and candle cookies

PS: If it feels like you've seen these before -- YOU HAVE. I made them as part of this cute narwhal cookie set last summer. And I actually made a video tutorial back then too. And then my computer crashed. And I cried myself to the freezer and ate ice cream until I forgot all about ever making another watercolor rose tutorial.




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