How To Make Rose Gold Icing and Airbrush Spray

Rose gold colored decorated sugar cookies for Valentine's Day - roses, lips, and hearts

Today is my birthday. I'm just putting it out there. Just letting you know. I am JUST SAYING that if there was ever a day where you were sitting on your couch thinking, "Self - today is just the kind of day that makes me feel like giving that LilaLoa girl a pony. And maybe sharing an afternoon of Netflix bingeing with her while sorting laundry and eating chocolate." THIS WOULD BE THAT DAY. Also... I'm 37 years old. You know, in case you were wondering.

If we're being completely honest though... I bet what you are REALLY wondering is how you can make rose gold icing. That's okay that you're not completely obsessed with my life and current Netflix bingeing lists. I'm alright with that. We can still be friends. I'm just not going to give you the first ride on my new pony that my other friends are certain to bring me at any moment now. Hope that's okay.

Color formulas for making rose gold colored icing and airbrush spray

But I WILL tell you how I made this rose gold icing AND the rose gold airbrush spray that completely matches even though the ratios will make you think they are two completely different colors. If you need more help understanding how ratios work when mixing icing colors CLICK HERE for a detailed post.

Rose gold airbrush spray and plastic dropper

And if you are wondering how in the world you mix airbrush colors -- I'm about to let you in on a little secret. Two little secrets actually. I use PLASTIC DROPPERS every time I airbrush. I use them to put airbrush coloring into my airbrush...and to take it all out at the end. I use them to measure ratios when I'm mixing airbrush colors. When I make a color I know I'm going to use a lot, I mix the airbrush colors in a DROPPER BOTTLE. (The 15mL is about the same size as a small bottle of airbrush coloring.)

Rose gold airbrushed Valentine's Day cookies

And if you are NOW wondering if you need to make both rose gold icing AND rose gold airbrush spray....the answer what you want. I know I do. 🙂 The airbrush spray WILL cover white icing. It doesn't cover black icing so well though. I put two light layers on the white cookie and seven light layers on the black cookie.


Get the food colors: GOLD, ELECTRIC PINK, and CHOCOLATE BROWN.

Get the airbrush colors: GOLD, PEARL, and DEEP PINK.

Get the other supplies: PLASTIC DROPPERS and DROPPER BOTTLES

See how I made the ROSE COOKIE HERE.


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