How To Make Wet-On-Wet Watercolor Cookie Designs

Decorate Valentine's Day sugar cookies -- watercolor heart and rose cookies

Remember these? I made them just...ages ago. Just kidding. I posted them yesterday. Did you already forget? I'd be disappointed...but the whole "making Valentine's Day cookies until all hours of the day and night and day and night again" thing kind of gets you a free pass for the next 3 months in my book. These two cookies in particular were just something I've been playing around with for a little while. But since so many of you asked how I made that heart...I thought I would just show you really quick how I did it. And then ask you a favor. You know...because I'm all about "fairness" like that.

I know you've either got more cookies to make today/tonight/tomorrow than there is time for in a day OR you're done with your giant pile of sugar goodness that you call "orders" and are in need of some desperate hours of sleep. So I'm going to make this quick. Well..quick-ish. I think that you and I both know that NOT talking is not really a talent I possess. I can't help myself. I just like talking about sugar. And you. And you and sugar put together.


Stop distracting me.

The best part about wet-on-wet cookies is that they are quick and easy, right? These cookies are no exception. 

Watercolor heart sugar cookie tutorial

1. Get everything ready before you start. Melt some white chocolate and put it in a piping bag. It should be warm...but not hot. Flood a cookie with white icing. Pipe horizontal lines across the cookie with the melted white chocolate. Drag a scribe tool vertically through the icing and white chocolate to create a knitted pattern. Let the cookie dry/cool for 3-4 hours. 

2. Grab some food color spray and go crazy. :) I used the Sweet Sugarbelle Spray Mist but you could use any kind of spray food long as it is water based. The water based coloring won't stick to the white chocolate so the royal icing gets the watercolor look and your white chocolate patterns really pops! SO FUN!!!

Here's the video...because I'm not super good at explaining wet-on-wet designs with just words and pictures. 

WAIT DON'T GO!!! I've been playing with white chocolate and icing for a while now. I really wanted to figure out a way to use it as a gender reveal type of cookie....but it's still a work in progress. (Wouldn't that seriously be SO FUN?!) I want to know what you think! Now that you know that water based food coloring doesn't stick to white chocolate...and that white chocolate is the same color as royal icing...WHAT CAN WE DO WITH IT?!


Get the sprays on AMAZON or at MICHAEL'S. I used Wilton's White Chocolate Melts.

See how I made the Watercolor Rose Cookies here.

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