How to Make Your Own CUSTOM SPRINKLES!!!

Make your own sprinkles -- any color - any shape!!

Do you ever have those days where you just can NOT stay on task? Like, let's say some nefarious underworld type creature somehow manages to sneak into my house and take every last cookie cutter, PME tip, and stencil that I own and in his sadistic glee, he informs me that I could have it all back if only I would stay on task and actually accomplish things today... I would pretty much be thinking, "Sweet! Now I can go cookie supply shopping instead of doing ANY of the things on my to-do list."

It's not that I'm procrastinating on purpose today though. It's just that there's so much to get done that I get distracted by the next task before I'm even finished with the first one. Stop me if you've heard this story before. I find my daughter's shoe on the living room floor. (Just one, mind you.) I pick it up to return it to her bedroom, but along the way, I also find a hairbrush and some elastics, and since I'm already headed that direction, I figure I may as well put those away too. But when I get to the bathroom, I notice that there is a Mt. Kilimanjaro replica made entirely of toothpaste on the bathroom counter. And since toothpaste becomes cement in less than 12 hours...I have to take care of that right away. But then everything I'm holding and wearing is beyond disgusting so I'll just toss my clothes in the laundry basket real quick. Except, I can't FIND the laundry basket because someone actually took it downstairs to the laundry room. (As if laundry was actually going to happen.) Except...maybe it did happen because there aren't any clothes in it....and then I have to check to see if they are in the dryer and breathe a sigh of relief or...yeah, bad news here... they are molding in the washer. So, of course, I have to run the washer again because I really prefer to NOT smell like mold on the rare occasion that I actually go out in public. When I use the last of the laundry soap, I have to take the bottle out to the recycling because my indoor recycling bin is already overflowing. And then I see the mailbox, and just a couple of weeds in the front flower bed...and my neighbor is outside and she wants to bring something over, so I have to run inside and pile all my dirty dishes in the dishwasher before she comes in and *GASP* gets the idea that we actually LIVE in our house...and somehow 8am becomes 3pm and I just haven't done a single thing that was on my list.

So here I am, absolutely hiding in a basement closet trying to write a blog post that should have been done ages ago. And as much as I'm truly hoping that my children don't find me for at least 7 more seconds...I'm not really holding my breath. So I'm just going to cut right to the chase here. 
 Learn how to make your own sprinkles -- any color, any shape you want!

CUSTOM SPRINKLES!!!!!!!!! I could not be more excited about this idea. You guys!! You can make ANY shape in ANY color!! You could make tiny little bat sprinkles for all your Halloween cookies. Or gorgeous feather sprinkles for a umm...cookie that required gorgeous feathers. You could use them on cupcakes or actual cakes. OR for Christmas ornaments on Christmas tree cookies in a few weeks! You know those apple bushel cookies I posted a week (ish) ago that used apple transfers?? You could make all those apple transfers in literally SECONDS when you use this method!!

All you need to make your sprinkles is -- thick royal icing, a stencil, something to scrape the icing with (like a knife or a spatula) and some parchment paper. And of course, 5 minutes of your time. Although... I'm warning you...they are kind of ridiculously fun to make, so you might want to budget a little more time for these. The rest of your life should be adequate.

Watch this video. And make your own sprinkles. And then come back and tell me all the hundreds of more things you would do with your own custom sprinkles!


Some of my favorite places to get stencils -- The Cookie Countess, Stencibelle, and Artfully Designed Creations. Good luck ever doing ANYTHING else productive with your day.

Learn how to make your own sprinkles -- any shape, any color you want!


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