How to Create Realistic Wood Grain Plank Cookies with a Stencil

Decorated Moss and Wood Bunny cookies for Easter

Spring is like that older, "cooler" kid in the neighborhood. Everyone wants him to like them...but nobody knows why because he's actually not very nice and he's always teasing everyone. And not in the good way where everyone ends up laughing and eating delicious home-baked desserts full of love and goodness that stick to your bones and make you feel like you could accomplish anything in the whole wide world because you are secure in the knowledge that someone loved you enough to give up an entire Netflix show to make that delightful afternoon treat for you.

Spring is the awkward kid with braces and too-short pants because he just keeps growing and honestly...who can keep up with that kind of  youthful height gain?! He's not a bad kid, he's just a little unsure of himself so he makes other people feel bad to feel better about himself. And for some reason everyone crowds around him and wants "in" on the plan. Well...let me tell you something -- I AM OUT. I will NOT be tricked by you over and over again Spring.

There were flowering cherry and plum trees in bloom as I drove down the street yesterday and I was honestly SHOCKED. In my head, I actually given up on Spring really coming. I couldn't let myself believe. I just kept staring at those trees without comprehending that the time HAD actually passed and that winter was really gone. I may have gone a little crazy and bought my daughter a bike and spent the entire afternoon outside in the sun!!

And today it's snowing.

You let me down Spring. You let me down hard.

Please...PLEASE consider spending some time in your parent's basement playing video games or maybe sign up for one of those away camps where they drop you off in the woods with nothing but a multi-tool, a compass, and a piece of ribbon so you can "find yourself"and finally realize that life is not about teasing people to the brink of a mental breakdown because they just want to SEE THE SUN FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES OF THEIR LIVES. I mean... just think about it, okay? Don't answer right away.

You know what *doesn't* let me down though? Wood grain. Wood grain and moss are always the answer. And chocolate. Oh my goodness! It's a complete trifecta with these cookies! You should TOTALLY make some now. Just watch this video. It's crazy easy.

(Also... I think you should know that the "z" key on my keyboard sticks. So if I ever type "cray" instead of "crazy"...that was unintentional. I'm not currently wearing glitter pants and sunglasses that are bigger than my head.)

( be honest...I could easily be persuaded on those if the situation really called for them.)


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