How to Make Woodgrain Silhouette Decorated Cookies

Easter Decorated Sugar Cookies -- Wood Grain Cookie Tutorial

Sometimes in your life there comes a time where you can no longer remain quiet. I've thought about saying something a lot over the last few weeks, but I stop myself because I don't want to be "that person." I don't want to be misunderstood. And I'll admit, I've been sucked into this myself now and then too. I know there are people who believe strongly on both sides of this issue and I don't mean to say that what you believe isn't true. And please don't be angry with me if you disagree. But I cannot live with myself one more day if I don't put this out there.

How do over a MILLION people have time to watch a pregnant giraffe for hours on end in the hopes of catching the birth live??!!! You KNOW they are going to post that video after it happens. You won't miss out on anything. In can go watch Katie giving birth RIGHT NOW and call it a month!!

You could totally be spending your time sleeping. Or painting pine cones to look like flowers in the hopes of entertaining all the children in the neighborhood. Or learning the art of artisanal caramel making. Just think of how that would benefit the world as a whole. I mean...I for one...would be happier knowing there were more caramel artisans in my life. I guess if it came down to laundry or watching the giraffe...I guess I could understand how that happens, but giving up SLEEP? Friends, there are better choices.

Like maybe making these woodgrain silhouette cookies WHILE you are watching the giraffe!!! And then start making those caramels because you just got carried away doing productive things.... (I'm just saying - don't give up on the caramels just yet. They could still happen.)

Wood Grain Sugar Cookie Tutorial

1. Outline and flood a cookie with brown icing. Let it dry overnight.
2. Use watered down brown food coloring to paint vertical stripes across the cookie. Add a little black and repeat until you are satisfied with the woodgrain look. Let dry for an hour.
3. Layer a wood plank stencil with a bunny silhouette stencil on top of the cookie. Use an icing scraper to spread thick white icing across the opening of the stencil. Gently remove stencil.
4. Avoid just "checking in" on the giraffe. You've got to make a clean break.

See how it all comes together in the video.


See how I make realistic WOOD PLANK cookies. 

Get the tutorial for the MOSS COOKIES


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