How to Make Decorated Pear Cookies -- Video Tutorial

Learn how to make some gorgeous pear decorated sugar cookies for fall or Thanksgiving with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!

decorated pear sugar cookies for fall or Thanksgiving

It's barely the middle of October and I'm already tired of making pumpkin cookies. All that orange. And the segments. And THEN you have to go and pipe a stem on top. A STEM. Like I've got time to go around piping stems on top of pumpkins. I've already got weeks worth of laundry piling up and now I've got to be worrying myself about pumpkin stems? I don't think so. I'm never going to make it through November.

And it's definitely too early to skip ahead to Christmas. I mean, it's not even cool enough to turn off my air conditioner.  I absolutely refuse to get in the Christmas spirit until I can open a window and not feel the urge to bathe in popsicles. (Blue case you were wondering.)
It's time to do something drastic. We're just going to have to start a revolution. A PEAR revolution! Please say you'll join me! Pear green is the perfect addition to the fall color palette! And it's super easy to make! Use Americolor gold to make gold icing. Then start adding leaf green a little at a time until you reach pear perfection.

Get excited for the PEAR REVOLUTION with my quick pear tutorial video!
(And I *promise* I will never use that background for a video again!)


I got my pear cutter HERE (I just flipped it over and cut off the leaf with the other side of the cutter.) Grab the PUMPKIN cutter or the PLAID/LACE cutter. I used THIS stencil and THIS stencil for the plaid pattern. And the lace is made with SUGAR VEIL.

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