Pearl Star Cookies -- A Quick Addition to ANY Set of Cookies!!!

Halloween Cookies

Sometimes cookies stress me out. Usually it happens when I realize I haven't even started on them and it's already 8pm the night before the cookies are needed, which is usually also the same day that the entire neighborhood is coming over to celebrate a Victorian Tea themed birthday party for my 3 year old daughter that includes period costumes for everyone and coincidentally, also turns out to be the same weekend I intend to climb Mt. Everest...blindfolded. So you know...not a lot going on besides cookies.

I've come to really appreciate the under appreciated cookie designs. You know, the ones that will never be the hero and save the princess from the dragon in the castle. Just the regular, working class cookie designs that make sure everyone gets where they need to go safely but no one realizes how crazy important they are until suddenly all the flights in the entire country are grounded for days and you're stranded at the airport with no way to get home and only a ziplock bag with some kind of leftovers from your grandma's house to sustain you while you stare out the window wondering how long it would take to make your own airplane out of those weird airport chair/benches and the straws from the cafe.

These functional, easy, and quick designs are the cookies that make my cookie world keep moving. If you take an average set of cookies... say 2 dozen... unless they are for party favors.... don't go crazy making every one of them into the hero cookies that rescue the princess. By all means -- make fantastic cookies! That's what we do, right?  Make 4-6 truly stunning cookies. And 10 really good ones. And then give yourself a break and incorporate cookies that pull a set together instead of having a set full of designs that fight against each other for attention. Hero cookies are NOT good at sharing attention. They're so needy with their "Look at ME!" designs and colors. It's tiring, honestly. And I don't have time for that kind of emotional reassurance those designs need. I mean, I've got a Victorian party to plan and a mountain to climb...

These sugar pearl star cookies are my new favorite "supporting role" cookies. SO fast and fun! And I don't know about you...but I have a wee bit of a sprinkle/sanding sugar/pearl problem that this design is starting to help out with.

Halloween Cookies

1. I use 2 sizes of star cutters to make these cookies. Before baking, cut the stars out with the larger size of cutter. Transfer to a baking sheet and then use the smaller cutter to cut out the inside of the cookies. Bake as normal.
2. Once cooled, use a #3 tip and medium thickness icing to pipe a line around the star. If you are planning to skip step #3, use an icing color that matches your sugar pearl. If not...
3. Use a silver color spray to spray the entire cookie silver. The best part -- it's actually a tie. (I'm not good at picking just one winner. I like everyone to be happy.) Winner #1 -- these cookies take SECONDS to make. And #2 -- silver over spray on your cookie just makes it look more fantastic!


Get the cutter for the POTION VIAL, the LABEL, the PUMPKIN, and the PLAQUE. Find the FRAME MOLD.  Get more SUGAR PEARLS or SILVER SPRAY.

Make beautiful pumpkin cookies with pretty much *any* cutter you already own!

My other go-to supporting design? Polka-dot flowers!


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