Fantastic Find Friday -- Mini Turntable

I'm kind of loving this whole "Fantastic Find Friday" thing. I get to totally justify trying out all the new products with no guilt attached. And then I get to share them with YOU! Today's Fantastic Find are these mini turntables from Webb Wood Design. It's a double-sided red cedar turn table with the most amazing ball bearings I've ever seen. My turntable has a 6" round side and underneath is a 3.5" square side. You can also get one with a 7" square side instead of the small square.

The top of the turntable is about 1.75 inches above the table or counter. Which turns out to be pretty much the most comfortable height ever for decorating. Who knew, right? This little gem is pretty self-explanatory. You put the cookie on it and you can spin or rotate it any way you want to. I haven't tried it, but part of me wants to fill a cookie with icing and then just spin it as fast as I can. Just to see what happens. You know, science and all that. The ball bearings have the perfect amount of give so you can put your finger on the edge and gently bounce the turntable to settle out flood icing. Without risking putting your finger in the fresh icing. Or dropping the cookie. Or smooshing it. I like that. Not the smooshing part, but the NON smooshing part.

 I thought I would be in love with these for making circles cookies. I thought I would just put the cooking on the turntable and spin it and it would be a perfect circle.  And umm... that didn't happen. I am way too set in my ways to be able to make that work. But I love it for tracing around cutters and for all the detail work and as mentioned above...tapping my icing after flooding my cookie.

You can also use it for stenciling. The stencil genie fits on the round side just fine, but the 7" square turntable was made to work with the genie.

So in a nutshell:

PROS:  It's the perfect size for cookies. It spins like a dream. You can bounce the edges to gently tap the surface of your icing smooth. You can easily rotate a cookie without picking it up.

CONS: It's made of wood. So you actually have to take care of it. But it comes with food grade wood balm, so it's definitely not complicated.

PRICE: $25-35

You can see a video of it in action HERE or go to their site HERE.

Do YOU want to try one out? One person will win their own mini turntable gem of happiness. Leave a comment on my blog or Facebook page (because apparently comments aren't loading if you use IE8) telling me one thing you don't NEED for decorating, but LOVE to use anyway. You can earn more entries by visiting Webb Wood Design and me on Facebook and by following me on Feedly. (It's a blog reader. The best way ever to keep up with your favorite blogs!) Giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, February 11th. 

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