Love Note Cookies

I think my couplers are staging a coup. At first I just thought that I had just lost a few of them. And then more disappeared and I realized that they must be gathering in the dark corners of my cookie cabinet. I wasn't too worried to begin with. I mean, they're couplers, right? I'll just replace them. But they must have spies amongst the piping bags because as soon as I ordered new ones, some of my piping bags ran off to join them. And everyone knows that it's only a matter of time until my PME tips get called out and have to make a choice between me and standing up with their friends. And I love my PME tips. I take such good care of them. They would never make it in the wild. They have no survival skills. They wouldn't last one day without being patted dry and carefully placed in an airtight box. I'm starting to panic.

I've tried calling a truce and asking the couplers to come out and settle this dispute woman to coupler. But I think they are lying in wait, making plans for their upcoming siege. I know my cutters have my back, so I've definitely got the numbers on my side, but I don't want to risk hurting my PME tips. I'm thinking about sending in some sugar pearls to see if they can mitigate this friction. I'm not sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they are upset about my tipless bags. I just wish I had the chance to explain to them that my heart is big enough for ALL cookie decorating supplies. It will never be full. Unlike my cutter bin. Especially since I keep seeing more fun cutters every day. Sigh... maybe couplers staging a coup isn't my biggest problem after all.

1. Start by drawing an X across the rectangle part of the envelope with a food color marker. Pipe the top part of a heart where the lines cross. Let it dry for for 20-30 minutes.
2. Flood around the top of the heart, leaving space for the final heart. Outline and fill the bottom triangle. Give that another 20-30 minutes to dry or more if any of your heart colors are saturated.
3. Outline and fill the side triangles with white icing. Pipe a second heart next to the first one.
4. Add a third heart in that big gaping heart shaped hole.
5. Outline the envelope and the heart and pipe a little bow on there. I think these cookies would be so pretty with some antiquing too!


Tutorial for Kissing Lips HERE

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