Antique Metal Cookies

Valentine's Day cookie decorating tutorial

I have some serious issues with dirty cookies. I mean, just the thought of germs being friends with my cookies gives me the heeby jeebies and makes me want to cry into my half-eaten bowl of chocolate puffs. If I even LOOK in the bathroom, I have to wash my hands. And I live in a HOUSE. We have bathrooms. I wash my hands a lot. A LOT. And it's winter time. And not the whimsical dancing snowflakes in the afternoon sun kind of winter. I'm talking the angry wind that wants to tear my house down and steal all my good stuff type of winter. So that means that my hands are turning on themselves instead of the germs. It's not my favorite thing.

The irony is that while I'm so desperate to keep my cookie clean and sanitary, I can't stop myself from making them *dirty* at the same time. I finish a nice orderly set of cookies and all I want to do is muddy them up with luster dust or paint these keys...more icing. It's a disease really. Which reminds me...maybe I should go wash my hands before I tell you how to get this rusted out metal look.

I used a #3 tip with some thick icing to pipe the handle of the key and a #5 tip for the rest. Once it's dry, put some more on a paper towel and dab it all over the key.

See? You can cover it a little bit or a lot. It doesn't have to be neat. Let that layer of icing dry for at least 15-20 minutes. It's thick icing so you can move on right after that.

The key to a really good dirty metal cookie is the layering. I started with the silver and rubbed it all over. I added the copper in all the cracks and dusted it pretty much wherever I wanted to. I put the super green in the middle of any patch of copper.

And that was that. Keys that would make any feel the need to wash their hands.

Valentine's Day cookie decorating tutorial
 On the keyhole plates, I added another dusting of copper on top of the other layers where the "nails" were.


Get the cutters: Tall Heart and the key cutter I used is no longer available. THIS is a similar one. I used a mini heart cutter to cut the space out in the handle.

You can also use luster dust to make your cookie all dingy and old... or you can say "vintage" if that makes you feel better. 


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