Space Cookies

I'm not a good Let-It-Goer. Maybe its because of my magnetic personality. Things just don't want to leave. I have to force them away. Its too much work. I can't do it.

Remember that snowman celebration back  in January? I had one more cookie I wanted to make. It didn't happen. But guess what? I STILL HAVE THAT COOKIE. Its still in my "to decorate" cookie box. If I let it go, it would be like giving up on it. That poor, helpless cookie that never did anything wrong, never spoke up out of turn or got things messy or sat down in the middle of the parking lot, started screaming and refused to come with me even though my hands were completely full and I had no way of picking up said...umm....cookie and taking it into the building. I can't just walk away from innocence like that. That cookie is not going anywhere.

For the record-- I also don't walk away from chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Anyway, these cookies are a prime example of my not letting-it-go-ness. I wanted a rounded rocket shape. I don't have a rocket cutter of any kind. BUT... a pennant cutter is basically a rocket. I kept trying to make it work for me. I told myself it would be just fine. I held the cutter over my newly rolled out dough and ...just hovered there. I couldn't do it. I couldn't let go. I stood there just holding the cutter, knowing I would never use it, but still trying to MAKE MYSELF do it. It got all tense for a minute. I wasn't sure what would happen next. And then my memory is kind of a blur, but I remember the pennant cutter landing in the corner and my entire bin of cutters being emptied onto the floor as I searched through bag after bag for the pieces to my rocket.

In the end....I squished a football cutter, added some rocket boosters with a triangle and the fire came from that other weird cutter up there. (Anyone know the name of that thing?)

OHHH! -- And do you know what would be really cool? You should use a 3-4 count icing to make the craters in the planet. Because it really would sink and make it look like a crater!! That's it. I have to try these again.


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