Space Cake

As I've said before -- late nights/early mornings are a real thing for me these days. I don't think I've EVER seen that side of midnight so many days in a row before. Not even in college. We would have loud parties at our house that involved half of the young-adult population of my town and made us un-friends with the neighbors and I would be downstairs, in my bed, sleeping. And I'm not just saying that because I know my mom reads my blog --  I LIKE TO SLEEP.

Anyway...up late with a newborn for days on end... About 4 days ago she started actually sleeping. I was SO excited until I realized that my oldest child was having a birthday party on Saturday and...I still had to make cookies and a cake. The cookies were easy. The cake, however, I put off until the last possible minute. For two reasons. One -- I'm really good at putting things off until the last possible minute. And two -- actually, there was only one reason.

So at 3am the morning of his party (and not the kind where our neighbors will un-friend us,) I was sitting at my kitchen table making my little planets.  (I decorate cookies standing up and cakes sitting down. I will NEVER understand myself.) I set the last one on the cake and went to bed. I was pretty proud that I had managed to pull it off. And then in the morning when I looked at the cake again, I realized that the cake was a bit shorter than I wanted and kind of lopsided and  just generally a little weird looking. Basically, I had created the cake version of bangs. And since I didn't really have time to let it grow out, I did what most people with bad haircuts that they gave themselves do. I told everyone I meant for it to look all wobbly. You know outer-space and all. It gets a little messy.

PS -- I made a little planet Earth. So cute, right?

PPS -- I KNOW that technically Pluto is a dwarf planet. So does my now 5 year old. But it was still important to him that it was there. And I'd like to stay on his good side until he's at least 9.

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