XOXO striped cookies

I am in LOVE (Like-love. Not love-love.) with make ahead royal icing details right now! As if you couldn't tell by the Fuzzy Heart eyeballs or the Tiled Hearts or ALL the eyeball creations coming 'round my blog this week. Oh! And the heart cookies yesterday. (Seriously, I may need an intervention soon. Please keep that in mind my dear Sugar Sisters.)

Well, these cookies are no exception. I made the Xs, the Os, and the hearts the day before. Or two days before. I lose track of time often. Especially when I have really cool things to do. Like taking a nap.

And then I just whipped up some cookies and stuck them on top. It was easier than...umm...doing something else that is really easy. So, you know, on a scale of easy to hard I would put it right next to eating cotton candy off a stick. Not the kind in the bag. Cotton candy on a stick and cotton candy in a bag are two very different things. Please don't be confused. 

Oooh, I have the BEST idea ever. I'm totally going to make these in pink, white, and blue and add cotton candy flavoring to my icing. And THEN when that doesn't satisfy my desire to eat cotton candy...I will buy myself a cotton candy machine. See? All great ideas. You really can't go wrong with make-ahead royal icing details. 


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