A love (cookie) story.

It's still the season of love and candy, right? I'm going to tell you a love story. And I'm not even going to pretend that its not mine. And its totally going to embarrass someone. And that person might be me.

There was this girl that was a river guide.

 And this guy who was also a river guide. 

And they had a really cool job that they loved every single minute of. Except the minute where they got up before the sun so they could load life jackets into a bin. But every other minute was like a dream come true. And the girl kind of liked the guy. Like, a lot. But it was totally awkward because he saw her in a swim-suit nearly every day of their lives. And they rafted all day long in the hot Wyoming sun for days and days and weeks and weeks. And then the sun started to not be so hot and the two river guides knew that the best summer of their lives was ending. But one of the river guides was kind of pushy. And she basically forced the boy river guide to transfer schools so he could hang out with all the other river guides (but mostly her) at a different university. And sometimes she would skip out of her last class of the day a few minutes early so she could pretend that she just happened to be walking by the front door of his last class just as he came out.

And they did stuff together sometimes. (A lot.) And then one day he said he didn't want to do things with her ever again. And she cried and cried. And then a week later he said he was just kidding. And just like that, they were spending their days and days and weeks and weeks together again. And then she told him that she loved him and he said, "okay." And she was all, "No seriously, I like LOVE you." And then it was kind of weird. But then one night they were lying on the ground looking at the stars and he said, "How will this work....if this whole thing goes down?" And she said, "Yes." Because really, he was asking her if she wanted to get married.

And she did. Because she LOVED him. Like LOVE-love, not like LIKE-love. You know? And 3 kids, a half a world, and one bus-van later they are still living happily ever after.

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