Show Me Your Icing Colors

Okay you guys. I need some advice. I don't know what to do with my bottles of food coloring.

See, I like to think of my food coloring as a family. In the beginning there was just the Wilton family. (They discolored themselves. I didn't do that.)

They were a loving, tight knit group that over time welcomed  the occasional strangers into their home. (We're talking some legitimate vintage strangers here. They are like heirlooms...passed down from one generation to the next.)

And THEN the Americolor group came in and they were all scary and intimidating and really cool at the same time. And it was like guys on opposite sides of the track being forced to go to school together and they hate each other and don't want to play on the same basketball team, but they have to because someone is going to make a movie about them and no one wants to go watch a movie about people that just hate. That's no good. No one loves a hater.

But its okay, because they really were friends. And they were all real, real happy together for a long time. They thought that was it. Their family was complete. And THEN one day they got a letter in the mail and it said that they had a grandpa and maybe some aunts and an uncle or something that they had never heard about. And THEN they all lived happily ever after. For real this time.

Except that I'm getting some more icing colors soon. As in...they are in my virtual shopping basket. Here's my problem. (THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN.) I spend more time thinking about how to get my icing colors to get along and win that super big basketball tournament that the entire school will be talking about for years and if royal blue does a good enough job and stops hating, then electric purple is totally going to go to the prom with him. This is important stuff. point is that I'm making up stories about food colors and I'm totally weird. And I don't know what to do with my new, bigger bottles of icing.

This is where all my food coloring lives right now. Their home used to be a box of chocolates. (Yes, I know. I'm supercool.) Now it is just a mess. And its too short for my little Americolor bottles to stand up in. I think that's partially why it is such a mess.

And my bigger bottles just stand up behind that box. Again -- mess. So PLEASE would you show me where or how  you store your bottles of food color? Please? My little Americolor icing bottles are begging you to free them! (Or at least to show them that they are normal.)


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