SHOW ME Your Cookie Cutters!

Okay, so remember last month when I asked you to show me how you store your icing colors? And then you did and I loved you forever? And then I realized that I had the ugliest colors in practically the entire history of cookie decorating? Yeah, that was a good time for everyone. So, basically now I'm COMPLETELY jealous of Kim's amazing organizational skills and have been stalking THIS and THIS on overstock. I just can't make up my mind which one I want. (Let's be honest here. We all know, I'm going to buy the bigger one, "just in case" on a day with low impulse control. And then it will be mine and I will love it every day of my life.)

Soooo with all that icing color clean-up and organization going on here my cookie cutters started getting a little mad (jealous.)  I mean...haven't they stood by me for a lot longer than those fickle colors that keep coming and going in my life? Don't THEY deserve my love and attention and new-found organizational madness? They were about to stage a sit-in when I finally caved and agreed to give them my complete devotion for at least like 20 minutes or something.

This is where I keep them now. In a plastic tote. I didn't even poke air holes in the top. No wonder they are uprising.

And inside, all my cutters are categorized in plastic bags. And when I get too many cutters for a general category, I don't split it like the rest of the sane world does. Oh no, I just find a bigger bag. (Did you know that Zip-Lock now makes bags large enough to hold a sleeping bag? My goodness, why would I ever split my categories?)

And when I need a specific cutter, this is what my storage looks like. Its a very complicated system that involves me dumping the entire contents on the floor and trying to search through it at top speeds while at the same time trying to keep my 18 month old child from running off with half of the cutters and hiding them under her bed for later perusal.

This dreamy-dream piece of furniture of dreams is what I really want for my darling little cutters. A library card catalog! Oh-- the potential love and organization I could give to those loyal cutters if I only had a card catalog... Think about it -- labels on the front of every drawer so you can list exactly which cutter is in there. And each drawer is small enough that the cutters won't get lost inside. And you could totally run your hands over the drawers and give it a giant ol' hug when no one is watching. Or....not. I mean, whatever you want to do is cool.

I can't actually buy one right now. I don't know the Korean word for "card catalog." And I don't know how to find the card catalog part of town. {In Korea, you find things in neighborhoods. You can't go to the hardware store for a hammer and nails. You have to go to the hammer neighborhood and then the nail neighborhood. It's fun.} So I need some ideas to use in the erstwhile. Or you know, just some pictures that I can show to my cutters to tell them that they are not alone.


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