Fancy St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Can I ask you all a question? Whatever happened to scrunchies? I mean, I get why triple layers of neon colored leggings went out of style. I completely understand that "Saved By The Bell" couldn't last forever. (Zack and Kelly can though. I'm pretty sure they're still together. And don't tell me if they are not. I don't want to hear it.)  But WHY can't scrunchies still be popular? I have a lot of hair. I practically NEED scrunchies. They are like the perfect accessory. You can get them to match any outfit.

Right now, I buy those Maximum-Power-Super-Heavy-Duty-No-Tangle hair elastics and they last for about two days. And don't even THINK about suggesting I  buy the cheaper ones and just use them once. Those things don't even last 10 minutes. I bought a giant hair claw one time. You know, the GIANT kind. I giggled when I bought it. (Because I am 10 years old and things like that amuse me. ) it turns out...I have too much hair for that and I broke it. Maybe my hair has some kind of secret super-power and I just have to harness it for good instead of evil. In the meantime -- I'm a little disappointed in current trends. I can get internet on my phone and STILL no one can come up with an adequate way for me to tie my hair back that doesn't require me looking like I serve lunch at the local high school.  I tell you what, I will trade you skinny jeans and text-speak for scrunchies and the ability to tie my t-shirt at my waist. Deal?

And since this post has nothing AT ALL to do with cookies. Let's just pretend that I tied it all in neatly to these super fun St. Patrick's Day cookies that I made last night. (PS -- See that cookie that looks like a leprechaun belt and buckle? TOTALLY my husband's idea. What a guy, huh?)

Oh, and you can find these cutters HERE at Copper Gifts.

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