Reluctant Romantics

Sooo, February is like the season of romantic movies. All the love and angst and desperation and passion you could ever need right inside your own home. Its almost a requirement of Valentine's Day to watch some kind of awkward scenario playing out before your eyes while you are powerless to help or stop the impending train wreck that is their very relationship.

Romantic movies make me nervous. I'm just not any good at watching them. There is always this sense of awkwardness -- not that I feel like I'm intruding on a private and personal relationship. I don't mind that part. Its not even the weirdness that happens when you can't decide if you love or hate the person that keeps messing up their own relationship. That doesn't bother me. I'm a way good relationship judger.

Its the KISSING.

I literally cover my eyes every time people kiss.  Sometimes, if I'm watching it with my husband, I pretend like I'm just scratching my forehead for a really long time. My husband pretends not to laugh at me. He's a champ like that. So the least I can do is make him some cookies. But not these cookies. These cookies are for me to eat while watching yet another unsettling romantic film. I can't stop myself. Any suggestions?

Hearts are one of those elusive shapes for me. I ALWAYS draw them lopsided. So...I get help and trace a cutter on my cookies.

Fill in the heart and let it dry for ages. Or like a couple of hours. You know, whatever works for you. 

Then add the white background. And let that dry even longer. (Its important to me that you notice that every single one of these cookies pictures is askew.)

At this point you could just let it go. Call it a day. Go back to watching your romantic Valentine's Day movies. could watch that movie and finish your cookies at the same time. Winners all around.

Add a face and some legs. When I make eyeballs, I use 15 second icing. I pipe the white circles first and then wait 20 seconds so it can settle out and then add the rest of the color. It works for me. And for the legs and arms, you could just use a marker if you are too tired from all that awkward movie watching to make some black icing.

PS -- If you make these. Give them KNEES. Trust me. You won't regret it.

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