Under The Sea Cookies

As I was standing in the check-out line today, aside from thinking about how weird it is that they sell super glue and candy right next to each other, and also about how they never sell my favorite candy  at the register anymore and how candy has kind of morphed into these weird size packages that you feel guilty buying because they are too big for one person to comfortably eat in front of another human being...but if you share, then everyone ends up with like 12 M&Ms and nobody's happy. Except, maybe the candy company.

Aside from that, I was also kind of thinking about buying a farm. But not living on it. I want someone else to live on it. And take care of it, and feed the animals and fix things that get broken.  I just want to know that I am not going to run out of butter and eggs. A farm seems like a perfectly legitimate solution to me. 

Before I moved here, my neighbor kept a rooster in the back of their truck in the parking lot. So...I'm pretty much a chicken expert by now. I would buy one today if I thought it was allowed in my backyard. And also if I knew where to buy one. And also if I could be sure that the chicken and my daughter would get along. And if someone else promised to clean up after it. And if it wouldn't bite me. Do chickens bite people? Is this going to be one of those things where I see an adorable little chicky and I buy it and adore it for like two days and then it gets all lonely and kind of squawky and sad because it is by itself so I have to get a few more so they can have a full basketball team and before I know it, my entire backyard is full of chickens running around hiding their eggs so I can't find them because they thinks its funny, only its not at all funny because I'm also trying to avoid stepping on any of the backyard toys that didn't get put away before it started raining and now everything is kind of rusted over and covered in chicken feathers...and I still don't have eggs because I never was very good at hide-and-seek?

I guess driving my vehicle to the store doesn't sound like such a bad idea after all.

You know what else isn't a bad idea? Clicking over to The Cookie Cutter Company to see how I made these sea creature cookies. Step-by-step tutorials and everything. And also I may have said something funny over there. But I'm not telling you what it was. But you can be sure it wasn't the story about how I was afraid to jump off the diving board and embarrassed my mother so much that she never made me take swimming lessons again.

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