Colored Pencil Cookies

Did you guys know they still use pencils to write with in kindergarten??!! They used those things when I went to school! And for comparison sake...I also had floppy disks and played Oregon Trail. And died of Diphtheria every single time I played it. I never made it past Kansas.

I kind of thought by this time though, they would have invented better technology for kindergartners. Like a really cool headband (that also has to be very soft and perhaps quite stylish) that could catch their very brilliant thoughts and laser print them into some leather bound journal called "My Very Brilliant Thoughts" without them having to hold some chewed up piece of wood and graphite in their little hands. That's not very hygienic. And I try to teach my kids good hygiene. You know, like...don't chew on your own shoes. (It's a work in progress.)

Since I threw out all the pencils in our house during The Great Pencil Rebellion though, I have to find some more to send with my child to school. I'm thinking that maybe I will just send these and hope his teacher has a few extra Kindergarten Thought Transcribers lying around.

PS -- I don't actually know any cats named Max. Mostly they are named Ginger. Or Scott.
PPS -- I don't know very many cats.

Can anyone guess what this cutter was originally designed to be used for? I'll give you a hint, I squished it for THESE rockets first, and then a little more for THESE popsicle cookies. After the popsicles, I just had to make one edge a little more pointy and it was the perfect pencil cutter! Apparently though, they make actual cutters for pencil cookies that you don't have to squish before you can use them.

If you want to outline these in the same order that I did...this would be the way to do it. This picture looks really weird, and I actually thought about not including it. If I had a thought transcriber though, this would be pretty amazing. You can be sure of that.

Once the outline is dry,  you can fill in the spaces with all your fun colors. To be honest, you don't really have to fill in every other space and let it dry. Since you have the black outline there, if you are careful, you can just fill in all the spaces at once. I am not really careful.

What's the wierdest thing on your child's school list? Is there anything I should get my kindergartner even though it's NOT on the list?


  If you don't want to bend your own cutter, you can get a Crayon/Pencil Cutter HERE or HERE

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