How to Make Decorated Mistletoe Cookies for Christmas

 Use this cookie decorating tutorial to make your own mistletoe decorated sugar cookies for Christmas!

cookie decorating video tutorial - Christmas mistletoe cookies

Do you remember cell phones back in the late 90's? My favorite was the cellphone holster trend.  If you are under the age of high school, let me just explain this one to you -- you could get a pouch to clip on to your belt so your phone would always be at the ready. You opposed to now when it never leaves our hands.  I mean... can you even imagine what your life would be like if you had to waste those 2 seconds pulling it out of your pocket every time you wanted to check your Instagram stats?! And on top of also had to FLIP IT OPEN. Who's got time for THAT?!

Except...actually...those phones had never even heard of Instagram. Poor phones. They lived their entire lives without seeing what everyone ate for breakfast or what a group of feet look like in every location ever. It's a shame, really. That's no way for a cellphone to live. But those cellphones were SOLID. You know? Nobody had super special elite on-trend fashion cases to match their outfits or their mood or the weather. You know why? Because you didn't NEED them. You could drop those phones, kick them across the room and then just pick it up again and keep talking. Like a boss. Because that's what they were made for. (To be clear, I think it's important to clarify that they were made for being tough....not so much made for drop kicking. Footballs and soccer balls are made for drop kicking. Not phones. Don't be weird.)

But phones now? I just got a new phone a couple of days ago. It's like AN EEL!! How do they even GET those things so slippery? Are they WAXED?! WHY? WHY ARE WE WAXING OUR PHONES? I demand an inquiry! Is there some kind of matte-finish-phone-disease that I should be worried about getting? The irony is that now I'm terrified to actually take my phone anywhere. I leave it in the box, in the cupboard so my children can't find it. I think it might break if they breathe on it. I spent more time trying to find the just-right case for it than I did putting together my first child's nursery. (And KNOW that's saying something.) Narrowing down the near infinite choices is an insurmountable task. But I finally settled on some kind of ninja case that uses common magic to turn my phone into a pocket, a vanity, a boyfriend (don't tell my husband), and a grocery store all while being mood, weather, and outfit appropriate.

A cookie decorating video tutorial - decorated Christmas cookies - mistletoe

You know what's funny though? There are probably 100 times more cookie cutters than cell phone cases in the world...and I don't mind for a single second looking through every stinking one of them to find the most perfect cutter ever for the design in my head. Like these mistletoe cookies. I'm a little bit obsessed with them! Can you guess the cutter?

1. Outline and fill the cookie with medium-consistency white icing. Immediately pipe some raindrop shape leaves with light green and dark green icing. Let dry for an hour.
2. Pipe a stem along the center of the cookie. Let dry for 15 minutes.
3. Alternating between the light green and dark green icing, pipe more leaves on top of the cookie. Let dry for another hour.
4. Grab your medium-consistency white icing and pipe some berries all over the place.

See it in action here.



See how I used the same cutter to make a TIN SOLDIER COOKIE and then THE NUTCRACKER COOKIE.

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