Glittered Fall Leaf Cookies

You know what I love about making cakes and cookies? Getting to hang out with other cake and cookie people. And by that I mean virtually hanging out with you. You know, since I've met very few of you in person -- a fact that I attribute to my living on the other side of the world for most of my cookie decorating life. I'm *really* hoping to remedy this small tragedy next spring at Cookie Con. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, click on that link and find yourself in Happiness Land.)

In the meantime, I kind of want to tell you all that when I started my life of sugar creations, I had a total Cake Crush on this super sweet and incredibly talented lady, Sharon Zambito. She completely revolutionized my butter cream cake world with her video, Perfecting The Art of Buttercream. I wanted to own it a hundred times. Perfectly smooth and crisp edges on every cake...  it was like a cotton-candy overload sugar induced coma dream of loveliness. She really was my idol. I told my  husband about her more times than I care to admit. I watched as many of her videos as I could find. I wanted a kitchen like hers. We were basically best friends and she didn't even know it. And then time came between us. We drifted apart before we ever even truly met. We were basically Romeo and Juliet, except we both made slightly  better life choices and neither of us took our lives because of this seemingly significant and calamitous event.

Fast forward to early this year --- actually, let's just fast forward to right this very second. I HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH SHARON ZAMBITO FOR THE LAST FEW MONTHS!!! Can you believe it? It's true! She started an online Sugar Art School earlier this year. It's absolutely amazing.

She has experts in pretty much everything sugar contributing constant tutorials. Sugar toppers, gravity defying cakes, unbelievable sugar flowers, cake balls, forums, recipes, tips, tricks.... There is even a complete PHOTOGRAPHY series.

And this flower. You can learn to make this.... THIS crazy creation of amazingness.

And cookies. Did I mention cookies? I made these. And you can learn how to make them over at SugarEd Productions Sugar Art School.

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