Baby Ducky Cookies -- Cookies and Cards

There just aren't enough reasons to make baby cookies. Can you believe that I've never once, in my entire history of cookie making, been asked to make baby cookies? No pregnancy announcement cookies, no gender reveals, no baby showers, no "Congratulations on Growing Another Human" cookies. Nothing.

I've been asked to make wedding cookies. And Halloween cookies. And winter cookies. And cookies for someone who sells home loans. Maybe I just don't have the face for it. You know, like maybe people look at me and think, "Wow. I bet she makes a mean corporate cookie." What do you suppose a Baby Cookie Maker Person looks like anyway? Should I start wearing all pastels and pink blush on my cheeks? Because I'm kind of tired of forcing my baby cookie decorating services onto unsuspecting acquaintances. It usually goes something like this --

Person whose name I vaguely know, talking to another person I've never met -- "Yeah, I heard she is due any day now. They're having a girl!" 
Me -- "I could make them cookies! I'm really good at that. I'm not creepy or anything. I promise." 

Needless to say, it doesn't usually work out so well for me. So then I slink home, lie on the couch for a while and stare at the ceiling while all the dreams of the adorable baby cookies that could have been melt slowly into oblivion. I start to get a little headache on one side and maybe a little hungry. And then I realize -- I can make those cookies anyway! I'll show them! They'll regret those sideways looks of terror, questioning my sanity and trying to decide if they should answer or just make a run for it.

Fortunately, these cookies had a much nicer beginning. I found this card on my cousin's super creative card making blog, Simply Pam's Creations. And since once a month, she lets me shamelessly copy one of her cards into cookies... I chose this adorable little ducky onesie card to use as inspiration for baby cookies that will NOT be going to people that think I'm creepy.

When I first saw that card, I was IN LOVE with the big head. So cute! I was thinking that it was pretty much the exact opposite of every duck cookie cutter I've ever seen. And then I realized, it IS an exact opposite. I took this duck cutter, flipped it upside down and the beak became the tail and vice versa. I did have to round out the body a little so that the head would end up being more of a circle. Now I'm pretty much sold on this shape though, and will never go back to using it with a little head again!

PS -- Hypothetically, if you had a dozen or two non-creepy gender neutral baby cookies without a home, what would YOU do with them?

PPS -- Click HERE to see what cookies my cousin made into a card!

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