How to Make Decorated Paper Clip Cookies for Back To School

Sugar cookies that look like paper clips -- tutorial

Let's just cut to the chase here. I'm obsessed with these paper clip cookies. It's a little unhealthy. But not like eating-a-pound-of-butter-straight-from-the-fridge unhealthy. More like eating-half-a-pound-of-butter-at-room-temperature unhealthy. You know, because that's SO much better.

These cookies are by far my favorite back-to-school cookies. Mostly because they FINALLY made use of a "cutter" I've been waiting to use for YEARS. Not "years" with lowercase letters. We are talking "YEARS" with all uppercase letters. That's way more than just "years." And they are the perfect fit for it. And easy. And brightly colored. And who doesn't love brightly colored?! Sad people. That's who. And also people who can control their impulses. Unlike me. That's why I don't have a Costco membership. Because my cart would be piled high with brightly colored items that I *need* based merely on the fact that they are brightly colored and make me happy. And I LIKE TO BE HAPPY. Is that such a crime? What are you? The happiness crime police? Stop judging me and make cookies with me already.

Decorated Sugar Cookies for Back to School that look like paperclips -- tutorial!!

1. Seriously 2 steps. You can do this. Outline and flood the entire cookie with white icing. While the white is still wet, add some horizontal blue lines with a #1.5 tip and a vertical pink line with a #1.5 tip as well. ( be could just let the white icing dry and then draw those lines on with a food color marker.) (Did I mention these cookies were EASY? I meant it!)

2. Grab some brightly colored icing and a big ol' tip. I used a #6 tip, but any tip from #5 through #8 would work. Then just pipe a paper clip on top of your notebook background. EASY PEASY.

Decorated paper clip cookies with an unconventional cutter!'s my super high-tech "secret" cutter. Admit've looked at it for years wondering how you could possibly use it for cookies. You're welcome. Now get to baking.

Oh, wait. Did you want to see this cookie in action?


Grab the supplies: Get the ...umm... CUTTER. Or a #5 TIP. Or my favorite FOOD COLOR MARKERS

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