Sketch It! Round up and a WINNER!

In case you were wondering... I am sitting on the floor in a very empty house. In a few minutes, I am going to go to sleep on a borrowed blanket. And in about 8 hours I am going to get on the first of 4 different airplanes.

Also, in case you were wondering, I don't have any cookies. Not a single one. The movers actually packed them in the same box as all of my kitchen plates and a nearly empty box of Rice Krispies. The bread was barely rescued by my brave husband before the tape closed on the darkness that will soon be a giant forest of mold and staleness.

And on that note, let's talk about my favorite cookies from last month's challenge.

 I love the way these cookies by Cakey Bakey were designed. Each of them is a different pattern, but they all work so well together. So intricate... yet simple squares and triangles. Great job!

Besides loving just about everything that Jill from Jill FCS creates, I adore these girls. I love the colors, I love how they are each unique, and I LOVE that Jill created them with love and out of love for the ALS Association Fundraiser.

 So, basically, what we have here is a woman on a key. I don't really know the backstory, but I'm pretty sure it's fantastic. This cookie done by Cassidy's Cakery is SO unique and I love it!

Natalie from Palestine Painted Cookie also created these cookies for the ALS Association's annual fundraiser. (Cookie decorators really do have hearts of gold, don't they??!!)  Can anyone name the theme for these cookies? So, so clever!!!

 This is just one of many cookies that Rebecca Weld created for the challenge. You guys have GOT to go check out the rest of the set!!! They are completely amazing!

And that brings us to the winner of February's CHALLENGE YOURSELF challenge....

# 83 -- Samantha from Sammie B's Sweets!! 
 You won sketching supplies and a $30 gift card to (and donated by) Karen's Cookies!!

Thank you EVERYONE for entering!! It is so much fun seeing what you create...and I love meeting you all through cookies!  Click HERE to see the rest of the entries from February or click HERE to submit your photos for this month's challenge -- Change up your photography.


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