Quick and Easy Filler Flower Tutorial

5 petal flower  and butterfly cookies

Sometimes you just need a little something more, you know? Like switching out your yoga pants for actual clothes when you go outside your house. Sometimes that's enough... but sometimes you want to get a little crazy and put on some mascara as well.

Summer Picnic Cookies

Sometimes you've got a fantastic cookie design. And you love it. And it's perfect. But it's lonely and needs a friend. And we're all about love and friendship, but you've very nearly run out of time and you've completely run out of ideas and creativity because, let's be honest, you've been awake for 48 hours straight taking care of those fantastic and perfect cookies.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cookies

I have a solution. Add some tiny filler flowers. You can always fit a couple more of them in the corners of your baking sheet. And if you pre-make a bunch of the middles, these flowers take literally seconds to ice. And you can use your left over icing to make sure they coordinate with the "perfect" cookies you just made.

Pipe a bunch of white circles on some wax paper and let them dry overnight. Then you can keep them for pretty much forever and pass them on to your children as family heirlooms, or you could just use them up whenever you need to make some of these filler flowers. Your choice.

5 petal flower cookie

1. The key to these flowers (and every cookie you ever make) is consistency. Use 17 count icing and a #2 tip. Make a circle-ish shape in the center of one petal.
2. Keep your tip inside the circle-ish puddle of icing and draw it towards the center of the flower.
3. Just keep doing that. The icing will start to pool in the middle, so try to keep those lines kind of thin.
4. Do all the petals.

You can leave your flowers plain or add polka dots to coordinate your colors with the rest of the set. Either way, drop a pre-made royal icing circle on top to finish off the flower.

PS -- Did you go to CookieCon? Do you recognize these flowers from somewhere? I tried really hard not to say anything, but HELLO!! My cookies are on a lanyard. When is that ever going to happen again?!


The cutter I used is part of THIS SET. I also have THESE 5 petal flower cutters that I love... but they are a little more fragile until the icing is dry.


Summer picnic cookies with TREE TUTORIAL HERE.


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