flower cookies

I'm not exactly what you would call a "flower lover." I mean, I don't have anything against them. If someone gave me a big ol' bouquet of love in flower form, I would certainly be real, real happy. And I would put them in a pretty vase and look at them long after they had lost their petals....

Its just that I'm more of a practical person. I'll be honest. A bouquet of tools on Mother's Day would be SO COOL.I think that my flower problems stem from my young childhood.

When I was growing up, my friend let me in on a little secret. The small old man living on the corner liked flowers. She told me that once he had PAID her when she brought him some flowers. So, the enterprising 4 year old that I was...I spent all day gathering HIS flowers and taking them to him -- THREE flowers at a time. I thought I was SO SMART. Until I got home. And my mother found me counting my money. Hoping to get out of the sticky situation I had gotten myself into, I innocently told my mother that it wasn't my fault. That "the Devil made me do it." I figured she would understand. She would probably give me a hug and help me count the rest of my small pile. I was a little bit wrong. Somehow she didn't understand. She made me march right back to my kind old neighbor's house and return his money. AND apologize for picking his flowers.

That being said...I do have a special place in my heart for two types of flowers. I love the Lilies of all kinds. And I love daffodils. I wrote about them last spring HERE. They are kind of a "hope springs eternal" thing for me.  So when Hani asked me to join her "Let's smell the flowers" party, I was SO EXCITED to find daffodils on the list. Want to make some?

First, you need a random assortment of cookies. I used a 6 petal flower cutter and just pinched the ends a bit for the base of the daffodil. For the top of the center pieces, I used my smallest scalloped circle from THIS SET and cut the hole in the center with the back side of a regular piping tip. For the smaller washer shaped pieces, I used the back side of a large 2M piping tip for the outside circle and a regular piping tip again for the inside circle. 

Outline and fill every other flower petal. Let them dry for about an hour and then outline and fill the remaining petals. Don't worry about making the center perfect. We're going to cover that up later.

You can work on the center pieces while waiting for the first set of petals to dry. Ice the scalloped piece and let it dry for at least 20 minutes. With a #1 tip, pipe a scalloped border around the edge and immediately cover in sanding sugar. Let that dry for about an hour. Pipe a tiny ring of icing on the plain ring cookie and stack the scalloped circle on top.

Let this piece dry for another 20 minutes. Pipe another ring of icing on the bottom of the two center pieces and attach place them in the middle of the flower cookie. Then comes the crazy fun part. Squeeze some icing out the top of the tip and down the side a little bit. Swirl it around on the inside of the center piece to coat the inside edges. I guess you could totally skip this step if you wanted to, but then you would be missing out on the crazy fun part.

And that would be weird if you deliberately chose to avoid the crazy fun part. Because then I would be all "Agghhh. I feel like I don't even know you anymore!" And you would be all "Yes, you do. I just don't like messes." And I would be all, "Yeah-yeah you do. I've seen your house." And then you would be all, "That wasn't nice." And then I would be all "Sorry." So...maybe let's avoid that and just do the crazy fun part.

flower cookie tutorial

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