Cherry Blossom Cookies

I am quite decisive.

I can enter a movie rental establishment and walk out in under five minutes with three movies and a box of popcorn. I have no problems shopping for clothing. I love it or I hate it. Immediately. I don't "let things grow on me." Things don't grow on me. It took less than an hour for me to decide to be a river guide. It took even less time to pack the clothes I thought I would need. Buying a car? That's about as easy as choosing my socks for the day. socks are all the same color and style.

It's a fantastic thing when it comes to raising children.

Can I have this incredibly healthy snack full of vitamins and minerals that my growing body needs? -- YES.

Can I watch this movie that is full of naughty words and that will make me want to hit my sister after viewing it for only 12 minutes? -- NO.

Is it okay if I climb out on the roof so I can throw my ball down 15 stories? I promise I won't fall off and I won't hit anyone with my toy. -- NO. 

See? Easy.

Cookies however are like my decision making kryptonite. I could NOT, for the life of me, decide on a shape for these cookies. I mean that literally. So in the end...I just made all the shapes. And then I couldn't decide if I wanted to geometrically represent the blossoms with dots, or make actual petals and centers....or maybe a little bit of both. So...I did all three.

I live in a land of Cherry Blossoms, so these cookies basically had to happen. They are SO SO easy that you should think about making matter where you live. Start by outlining the cookie shape with some thick brown icing. Let that dry for kind of a while.

There is a lot of wet-on-wet action going on with these cookies. And that means that you are going to want to use some thin flood icing. Like a 5 count flood icing. Don't be afraid. Just do it.

1. Flood cookie with white icing.
2. Pipe a branch with brown icing.
3. Drop some random dots with a dark pink icing.
4. Drop some more random dots with a lighter pink icing.
5. Don't pay attention to the weirdness that was my photography skills this morning. (Please.)

If you want to make the individual petals, CLICK HERE for the wet-on-wet daisy tutorial. 

Now that you've had a few minutes to think about it -- What would you decide? Which shapes? Which style of flowers? I NEED some closure here.

CLICK HERE to see last year's Cherry Blossom cookies.

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