Halloween Food Color Comparisons

So... I'm not sure if you know this...but I'm a little bit obsessed with color. I love mixing colors. It's my favorite part of cookie decorating. You know...along with the planning and the cookie dough tasting and the late-ish nights alone without screaming children and the photographing and the sharing of the finished cookies.

When I first started decorating, I lived in South Korea and had exactly seven bottles of food coloring. I had to mix all my colors from the ones I already had. And now that I am practically SWIMMING in food color options...I still mix most of my colors. When I passed the new Americolor moss food coloring at the store last week, I realized I have NO idea what most of my food coloring looks like straight out of the bottle. One thing led to another, bottles of food coloring jumped into my basket, my eyes glazed over and I woke up with dozens of icing swatches all over my kitchen table. Want to see what I discovered?

I tried out my Artisan Accent colors for the first time ever...and I have to say - it's probably the truest purple I've ever seen. This picture doesn't quite do it justice. It wasn't a blue purple. It was just...simply...PURPLE.

If you have my book, you've seen most of the Americolor swatches before. But the eggplant and moss are new colors! And also...something suuuuuuper interesting... I had two bottles of regal purple. One was 2 years old, one was brand new. The bottle that was old was MUCH more blue than the new bottle! I know that purple isn't as stable as other colors...but I was shocked at the difference! My advice: only buy the tiny bottles of purple so they don't last long enough to turn blue. OR use old bottles of regal purple for the perfect navy.

And if you haven't tried out the Chefmaster brand colors...there is A LOT to love! I'm kind of in love with how well they all blend together straight out of the bottle!!

And for comparison sake...let's look at all the colors next to each other, shall we?

Is it weird that I think of  purple, green, and orange as Halloween colors? I just realized that maybe you were expecting orange and black. I'm not really a fan of black icing. I'd rather use fun colors! Tell me --- which of these colors would be YOUR pick for Halloween cookies?


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