How To Make Fun Fall Leaf Decorated Cookies

Fall Leaf sugar cookie decorating tutorial

The windows in my house have "character." And by "character" I mean they weren't installed correctly. And they don't close all the way. And they are covered in ice on the INSIDE during the winter. And honestly, I'm a little worried that one of my daughters will fall out of of them someday while having a tantrum because they think I am going to some kind of ice cream and candy buffet without know...the grocery store.

So we got new windows last week. There was a whole team of window-installing magicians at my house for most of a day. And it was soooooo awkward. Not THEM awkward. ME awkward. I started washing the dishes...but I like to watch Netflix while washing the dishes. But then I worried that they would judge my Netflix choices because after hours and hours and nights and nights of cookies...I'm definitely not watching shows at the top of the barrel anymore if you know what I'm saying. So then I started folding laundry. But I'm super self-conscious of the fact that I'm basically incapable of dressing myself with any semblance of style or fashion and I just KNEW they were wondering why on earth any person needed that many pairs of black yoga pants. So then I started working on editing photos for a blog post. But naturally, I was certain that they were whispering among themselves about how I was secretly just playing Candy Crush. And I've never played Candy Crush in my life. I didn't even know if that was a good thing or a bad thing! So I had to settle for eating chocolates stealthily out of a paper bag while hiding behind the corner of the wall and spying on them. It seemed like the right option at the time.

fall leaf sugar cookie decorating tutorial

Thankfully it's solidly fall and absolutely perfect weather for having giant gaping holes in my house where my windows should be...even if only for a few hours. And solidly fall is also the perfect time for fall leaf cookies!!

These fall leaf cookies are suuuuuuper quick and easy to make. They are all wet-on-wet so step-by-step pictures are a little tricky. So I made a video for you instead. Because I love you and fall equally.


Grab the cutters:  OAK LEAF, (I like this redesigned oak leaf for fall cookies...but I'm telling you -- I am OBSESSED with it for winter!!), TEARDROP LEAF, PUMPKIN, BOW, and ACORN.


My other favorite FALL LEAF COOKIES.


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