GUEST POST -- Sweet Bliss Cookie Company Happy Accident Rose

Sometimes (OFTEN!!) things don't turn out like we planned. And sometimes (I can neither confirm nor deny the frequency at which this happens) we cry to ourselves as we scrape cookies into the garbage. Sometimes (usually) we can salvage the cookie and even though it may not be our new adequately passes as a decorated cookie in the appropriate theme. But SOMETIMES...magic happens. This rose by Jamie from Sweet Bliss Cookie Company came from one of those magic moments.
I didn't even realize it had started out as a "mistake". I just knew it was fun and different and I loved it!!! So naturally, I peer-pressured Jamie into making a tutorial to show you all how she made it. And she agreed because she's a doll like that. And I absolutely love that she was completely honest about how it came about because SERIOUSLY...that's the life of a cookie decorator!!

What to Do When You Make a Mistake or…How to Make a Rose Cookie 

1. Take a few minutes to be upset about it. 2. Do what you can to fix it. 3. Take a deep breath. 4. Forgive yourself and move on. (Repeat as needed) 

Have you ever had a Pinterest-fail moment, where you thought there was no way to salvage the project? Well, that was me a few weeks ago when I was asked to make bridal shower cookies for a client.

The set included a flower design that I had never attempted, but thought, how hard could it be? I made my icing with what I thought was the right thickness and fitted my piping bag with a Wilton 101 tip. When I started to ice the first cookie, I knew right away that my icing was too thin. After a few “Oh no!”s, I finished the first layer and let it sit for a while to dry. Unfortunately, I did not have time to bake more cookies or make more icing. I decided to come back and add a second layer over the top. The other cookies in the set had small rose details too, so I added a wonky line to match those.

I must have pulled it off, because here I am, showing all of you how to make a mistake..err rose cookies too!

1. Holding your #101 tip at a 45 degree angle, pipe medium-thick icing (see LilaLoa’s consistency chart here) in loops, as if creating a flower petal, around the cookie, turning the cookie as you go. Leave a round empty space in the middle to allow for the second layer. Let the first layer dry for about 5-10 minutes.
2. Pipe the second layer the same way you did the first, completely filling in the middle of the cookie. Allow the cookie to dry for a few hours or overnight.
3. Using a #2 tip, pipe a wonky line beginning in the middle of the rose and work your way out to the edge.

 Thank you so much Jamie!!! I seriously love how your rose turned out! I can't wait to try this!!

If you want to see more of Jamie's creations, you can find her on Facebook at Sweet Bliss Cookie Company or on Instagram at SweetBlissCookieCo!!

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