Halloween Witch Cookies -- Guest Post with Cookie Antics

Sometimes you see a cookie and you are instantly in love with it -- the lines, the colors, the creativity... you just want to scoop it up and take it home with you. Maybe make it a little bed in the corner of your kitchen so it can stay with you and be your new late night cookie decorating friend. It can live off disco dust and good intentions.

I'm not going to lie...the near obsession I felt when I saw this witch made by Tuyet of Cookie Antics was definitely bordering on creepy. GAH!!! Those lines!! Those eyes! Tell me you aren't in love with it!! She made it as an entry into my Cookie Cutter Challenge (Winners will be announce this week! I promise!) but I didn't even realize it was my bird cutter at first!! I just couldn't look away. If it was a real person living in the house...I would have been in the white van down the street waiting for it to come outside.

Thank GOODNESS it's not a real person...I definitely don't want to be arrested. And thank even more goodness that Tuyet doesn't think I'm a complete nutcase and even agreed to show us how she made it!!! Isn't she the best?!

Have you guys ever had a lightbulb moment and you just light up from ear to ear? That’s exactly what happened to me when LilaLoa posted her cutter challenge. I had just signed up for the Go Bo cookie donation and was pondering what I was going to design. Then came Georganne with her super fun cutter challenge. Oh heck, I literally thought out loud, “bring it on! I’m going for a two-fer!” It was a challenge alright, I hummed and I hawed then I turned LilaLoa’s bird cookie cutter into the cutest little witch my mind can conjure up.

Supplies you will need: 

* LilaLoa Bird cookie cutter from The Cookie Companion collection 
* Royal icing: 10 second, medium, piping, and stiff consistencies 
* Americolor: Super Black, Regal Purple, Deep Pink, Ivory, and White 
* Amerimist: Pearl Sheen 
* FOODoodler pen in pink 
* Airbrush machine or Pearl Wilton Color Mist Food Color Spray
* Filigree stencil 
* Pre-piped rosettes - tutorial available on Sweet Sugarbelle blog HERE. (Thanks Callye!)

1. Use food pen to outline the design onto cookie. 

Alternatively, you can use a Pico projector to eliminate this step. 

2. Outline hat and face in black, medium consistency. 

3. The eyes are wet on wet technique. Fill eyes with 10 second consistency white and immediately pipe in purple for the irises then black for the pupils. Set cookie in front of a fan to crust for 15 minutes.

4. Flood face with Ivory (mix with a touch of pink) in medium consistency. Let crust in front of fan for 15 minutes. 

5. Flood top of hat and rim with 10 second consistency purple (to achieve this shade of purple, mix 3 part deep pink with 2 part regal purple). Back to the fan and crust for another 15 minutes. 

6. Fill in hair and remaining middle strip of the hat with medium consistency black. Also dab a dot of ivory for her nose. 

7. Flood remaining bare space with 10 second consistency white. Set in front of fan to dry for 3 hours. 

8. Place Filigree stencil (or any desired design) in Stencil Genie, use another solid piece of plastic film to block the face and hair. Airbrush design onto hat and white portion with Amerimist Pearl Sheen. Allow to dry for a minute and layer on a second coat of Pearl Sheen for a prominent look. You can also use the Pearl Wilton Color Mist Food Color Spray in lieu of the airbrush machine. 

9. Using black piping consistency, go over the outline of the hat again, pipe spider web, itsy bitsy spider, eye lashes, and hair. 

10. Fill in lips with pink food pen. 

11. Secure two pre-piped rosettes with black icing to the left side of the hat. Use stiff white icing, pipe two leaves on top of rosettes and one on the bottom. 

12. Last but not least, add a little blush to her cheeks with some pink luster dust… so cheeky! 

 Need more of Cookie Antics' genius brain in your life? You can find Tuyet on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM!! Thank you so much for showing us how to make this gorgeous witch cookie!!


Grab the cutter HERE. Tuyet made her own stencil, but you can get a very similar one from KILLER ZEBRAS HERE.

Learn how to make a spooky HALLOWEEN WITCH over at Semi Sweet. 

See how I made a cute HALLOWEEN WITCH with some non-traditional colors.

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